2 Politically Incorrect but Honest Rants

There are a couple of things I need to rant about. Normally when I need to go on a longwinded rant or two I call John Langley and we do a show. Today I am out and about and so this article written on my phone shall have to do the trick.

Rant 1: The Matt Elam penalty

I want to preface this by saying I get the ruling. That being said I loathe this kind of penalty with every fiber of my being.

For those who need refreshing Matt Elam was penalized for a personal foul as a play ended with him barely brushing helmets with a Carolina Panther.

By the letter of the rule this is a penalty as silly as that is. The problem is anyone with a brain cell could see that this was a fairly innocent play.

It was one of those plays where there just happened to be helmet to helmet contact. There was no malicious intent, it was hard to avoid contact.

In other words its football and the No Fun League needs to get out of this babyish over regulation of FOOTBALL. This is not kids soccer its professional FOOTBALL!

No one is not for being more responsible with head and spine injuries. No one is against a safer game. People are against the pathetic pussification of FOOTBALL! Let the players play. If your so worried about liability Roger make the players sign a waiver. Case closed and problem solved: NEXT VICTIM.

Rant 2: Sick of Timothy Tebow

I am done with the Christian crusader under center. Take away how utterly annoying 24/7 praise jesus Tim Tebow is to me HE IS NOT A QUARTERBACK!

The guy does not deserve to wear an NFL uniform when any high school quarterback can throw better than him. He is blind to the field. He takes off running whether or not he has an open lane or an open receiver. Tebow is a horrible excuse of a quarterback. There is just no other way to put it.

When you can not beat out the mighty butt fumbler ( Mark Sanchez) you have major issues. Honestly every win he ever got is a tribute to his defense and the horseshoe lodged where the sun don’t shine. But yet his jersey sells like pancakes at an IHOP. It makes me want to lose it!

And is Timothy really such a great person? Just because he plays up his Christianity? You can’t assume he is a great person just because of his faith; just like you can’t call me a horrible person solely based on my atheism.

He is an attention seeker who knows how to play the media. I mean I could go on and on but I’ll play it safe just in case he really is the prophet of Jesus ( Being sarcastic).

If he was not so beloved I think I could get past it. But he gets way too much credit. People love him so much they just assume he could play a different position. Nope. No one will ever take on that project. His play is an insult to the game of football yet he is one of game’s most popular players. I could care less about the whole over zealous Christianity. That said he brings it upon himself when he goes overboard with it.


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