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CSF Celebrates MLK Day

Chris Schisler

Common Sense Football is a sports website, but on this special holiday we would like to honor the great Martin Luther King Jr. He was one of the greatest men this country has ever known and his importance to this country and the world cannot be overstated.  Martin Luther King was the voice of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s and 70’s.

In perhaps his most well-known speech he told us that he had a dream. Here is a link to his speech documented on I encourage everyone to take the time to read the powerful words of this great man. Through the use of his well-crafted words, Martin Luther King Jr. was able to spread a message of love, compassion and equality for all men.


Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that helped pave the way to a better America. I truly believe that the battle against ignorance, racism and inequality is a fight that is never over. We must stay diligent in our efforts of making positive change in our world. To honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. we must have dreams of our own. We must aspire to create a better world so maybe we too can make positive change in this world.

My dream is that this country can become less divided. Today it is political beliefs that seem to split this country in half on almost every issue. I want to live in an America that cares less about who controls the government and more about what the government actually does. I want to live in a country where elected officials cared more about public service than their egos; and a country where we don’t reelect officials that work for their best interests and not their constituents. I believe that people are greater than the issues they have to deal with. People are more important than problems. You would think it would be common sense that we need to work together.

I also wish that the media did not fill its news programs with nothing but bad news. There is plenty of good things going on in the world and these things are just as important and often more important than the blood dripping headlines that we have become almost immune to. The goal of the media is to get attention. Once it has your attention they can bring in advertisement revenue. While I believe most news programs are very committed to the truth, their goal is to reach an audience. There is mostly depressingly bad news because that is what we as people seem to be attracted to. That is the saddest thought of all.

I asked some of our regular readers via Twitter, to share what their dreams for positive change in the world were. Here is what they said.

Danette Schisler (Mom to me): ” My dream would be that we value life, dignity of the individual and the idea that we can coexist with different ideas, That love becomes a powerful tool for change.”

Andrew Maas (@AMAAS) writes: “My dream for positive change involves everyone dropping their arms and dropping their guards. We always focus on differences from a negative point of view; instead of focusing on the positive light of everyone being unique and embracing their differences. My wish is that someday we can live in a world where everyone is proud for being themselves and that people stand up tall without worrying what everyone thinks.”

Here are some tweets that were submitted:

If you have a dream for positive change contact me over Twitter and let’s see how long we can make this list.