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My Love & Hate For Fantasy Football

Chris Schisler

Fantasy football manages to be the most awesome thing ever and the most annoying hobby you have. It consumes hours of my life every week, and only some of them are enjoyable. My relationship with fantasy football is complicated. I love and hate it.

Every fantasy football league begins the same way. It begins with an online draft that takes forever. There is always at least one guy determined to start something, a guy who thinks every pick is taking him all the way and a guy who swears he knows nothing though he has prepared relentlessly. And after the 10th round people take forever, and each round seems longer than the previous run-on-sentence.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine a season without fantasy. I love the analytical process of making your dream squad. Pouring through a wealth of statistics and examining the weekly match ups…that is fun.

Fantasy teaches fans to think in terms of production. People estimate which of their players will put up the most points based on a bevy of real life scenarios. For example one may decide to start a lesser running back because his regular starter is playing the stingy Seattle Seahawks. I am all for people preparing for what they will see on Sundays. Fantasy football helps fans do this.

My biggest issue with fantasy football that requires absolutely no skill. The most casual fan (who knows about 1/3 of the players) can luck out and win. Sure, knowledge helps but luck wins out in fantasy. There are many ways to screw up. You can draft poorly, you can make dumb pick ups, anything you want. Winning however is as easy as sitting down and flipping a coin.

Fantasy football changes the way people watch football. This is partly a great thing as its brought more eyeballs on the best sport in the world. The problem is people get more wrapped up in their fantasy lineup than their favorite team. How many times have you heard some rationalizing for this phenomenon: “I hope the Ravens win but Antonio Brown catches 6 passes for 120 yards and a touchdown.”

I can’t stand when people put fantasy football in front of reality. I can’t stand it when people who don’t even know who Randle Cobb is win a championship. There are so many things I can’t stand about fantasy football. That being said I am addicted.

Adrian Peterson vs Lesean McCoy

By Chris Schisler

Its no secret that popular consensus views Adrian Peterson as the best running back in the NFL. LeSean McCoy has made it no secret that he thinks he’s better than Peterson. It sounds crazy- Peterson is the guy who comes to mind when you think running backs. McCoy may have a point however.

2013 was a better statistical season for LeSean McCoy. He rushed for 1,607 yards (341 more yards than Peterson). He had 23 more receptions than Peterson for almost 400 more yards. Both scored a total of 11 touchdowns. Peterson had to battle through injury, 8 men constantly in the box and having mediocre quarterback play. In 2012 Peterson did not have a lot of help but rushed for over 2,000 yards. McCoy did have better statistics in 2013 but statistics alone do not tell the tale.

These are two different types of running backs. Peterson is the prototypical power runner. He runs downhill and is tough to tackle. It almost seems that Peterson looks for contact as if he is Godzilla and the linebackers are radioactive. The point is “All Day” Adrian Peterson is a power runner. He has incredible quickness and can juke with the best of him but his game is all about power.

LeSean McCoy runs with power but his game is about speed and agility. McCoy is great running inside the tackles but it is the open field where he makes his biggest plays. McCoy is more dynamic than Peterson in the sense that there are more ways to get him involved in the offense. McCoy is perfect for the new age offensive approach of Chip Kelly’s.

From a fantasy perspective (especially in PPR leagues) McCoy may be the greater value. Even if Peterson produces more yards on the ground, McCoy can outproduce him. In PPR leagues players get a point for each reception- making McCoy a hot commodity. McCoy has had 50 or more receptions in 3 out of 5 seasons in the NFLand has never had less than 40 receptions. McCoy also has better players around him. Peterson may have huge fantasy days (because Minnesota needs him to) but McCoy will probably have more consistency. In year 2 of the Chip Kelly offense its easy to see bigger things from McCoy. You do have to worry that Darren Sproles will take away some of his touches however.

From a purely football stance its a matter of preference. You simply cannot go wrong with either of them.

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5 Rookies You Want On Your Fantasy Team

Chris Schisler

Here is a list of the rookies who will have the biggest impact on fantasy football in 2014

1.) Mike Evans, WR Buccaneers: Josh McCown is used to throwing jump balls up for Brandon Marshall.

2.) Bishop Sankey, RB Titans: Sankey will get a lot of touches to take pressure off Jake Locker. Sankey will be great in PPR leagues.

3.) Eric Ebron TE Lions: The Lions want another dominant option in the passing game to complement Calvin Johnson. Good red zone threat. Touchdowns are golden.

4.) Devante Adams ,WR Packers: Aaron Rodgers loves spreading the ball around. Adams is a red zone threat. He’ll get his receptions and touchdowns.

5.) Sammy Watkins, WR Bills: EJ Manuel has a new go to guy. The Bills traded a lot to be able to draft Watkins. Expect the Bills to get their rookie wideout heavily involved.