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3 Short Notes on National Championship Game

The Florida State Seminoles are champions of the college football world. Here are a few notes from the thrilling BCS National Championship Game:

1.) Jameis Winston Persevered

If you were going to evaluate Winston play by play he may not have the highest grade in the world. He was quite frankly a little blind. He missed out on several open receivers and he forced throws. He had limited success most of the game as a runner and he forced throws.

But when it mattered most Jameis Winston Delivered. He led a scoring drive right before the half when his team was desperate. He threw the game winning pass with 15 seconds remaining in the game.

2.) Special Teams played a huge role
One of Auburn’s first scoring drive was from a great punt return after forcing FSU to punt from the 1 yard line.

Special teams are so important and it showed in the championship game.
Florida State’s much needed score before the half was set up with a fake punt on the FSU side of the ball. A late 4th quarter kick return for a touchdown was huge in the 34-31 Seminoles victory.

3.) The ESPN coverage was very well done.

On ESPNNews they had the “film room”. This was awesome because you got to see the game from different angles including the All 22 angle which allows you to see the whole play.

To make it even better ESPN had analysts and coaches breaking the game down. The conversation was so much better than typical commentating. It was a very in depth look at every play. The only problem was the All 22 camera angle was not presented in full swing.

Having options of how to watch the game was empowering to fans. Everyone could choose the best part of the “Megacast”. I applaud ESPN for high quality TV coverage of the championship game.