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WVU vs. Maryland Recap: Blowout Could Have Been Even More Lopsided

WVU vs. Maryland Recap: Blowout Could Have been Even More Lopsided | Chris Schisler



The West Virginia Mountaineers came to beautiful M&T Bank Stadium to play the Terps in less than beautiful weather. Maryland established a big lead and never looked back. The game was an utter embarrassment for the Mountaineers and pure jubilation for the Terrapins.

West Virginia’s offense struggled like it has all season. This is partly because Ford Childress and the Mountaineers played awful and partly because Maryland’s defense is so good. The Terrapins were able to get pressure with ease in the first half without having to send the blitz much. The secondary which was playing without two of its best players was dominant against the lackluster receiving core of the Mountaineers. Maryland won the battle at all levels of the defense and Maryland rolled to a 30-0 halftime lead.

The Maryland offense was good but not spectacular. It led to 5 scoring drives in the first half (Three FGs and one drive started inside the Mountaineers 5 due to an interception). C.J. Brown went 10-16 for 128 yards and 1 touchdown in the first half. This was much better than West Virginia QB Ford Childress who was 7-16 for only 39 passing yards through two quarters of play. The WVU offense was about as bad as it could be going 1-8 on third downs for only 65 yards. One of the most shocking parts of the first half was the absence of big plays from star receiver Steffan Diggs. Diggs left the game after being lit up on an incomplete screen pass to him. He was fine but it was a light scare.

The second half started with Maryland’s offense playing aggressively with fast tempo. C.J. Brown launched a bomb that was almost intercepted as it was dramatically underthrown. On 3rd & 6 Brown was sacked. This was the start to the second half that WVU desperately needed. The offense would not start off as hot as the defense. West Virginia punted on their first second half possession and it seemed as if they had no hope.

Nothing went the Mountaineers way. Before the end of the 3rd quarter Maryland turned the ball over and gave WVU great field position. WVU gave it right back with a fumble of their own. Instant replay showed that the ball clearly came out after the runner was already but Dana Holgerson did not challenge the call on the field. The subsequent drive Maryland fumbled the ball again. Childress got sacked on the next play. Then the Mountaineers fumbled it again. In a sloppy second half West Virginia continued to be their own worst enemy.

The Terrapins defense dominated the game. The offense moved the ball efficiently for the most part but offensively the Terps left a lot of points on the board. The offense did show finally show consistency in the fourth quarter with a long clock grinding drive. Both teams played sloppy but West Virginia played horribly. Maryland’s offense may have left points on the field but they put up 30 of the 37 points. In other words this game was amazing blowout for the Terrapins and they should have put even more points on the score board. The game ended in fitting fashion: A comical West Virginia turnover.