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Knocks Of Common Sense

A knock of Common Sense is awarded to the people who need it the most. The dumbest of the dumb. The crappiest of the crappiest. I admit I got the idea from 105.7 The Fan’s shovel of wisdom segment. The summer heat is making me want to lose it. So here we go:

1.) The People Freaking Out About A Stolen Playbook

The team that brought you spy gate now has brought you playbook-gate (You know the idiots are going to call it this). Browns head coach Mike Petine (previously with the Jets) has suggested that Bill Belichick has gotten his hands on the Jets defensive playbook. Here is why this sounds worse than it is. The Patriots play the Jets twice a year. Rex Ryan has been with the Jets since 2009. While “stealing” is wrong you could probably give Belichick a blank playbook and he could fill it with the Jets defensive plays, calls etc.
If the Patriots are proven of the alleged foul play, they will be punished accordingly. Lets not act like it really changes things that much. The reports say that the Patriots coach got it from his friend Nick Saban (Alabama head coach). If its that easy to get, its not stealing… is it?

2.) Dan Marino: 3 Steps Back

Dan Marino is removing himself from a lawsuit against the NFL for illegal administration of pain killers and poor medical care. The lawsuit is bogus, asinine and you would think I’d be applauding Dan Marino. The fact of the matter is he should have never put his name on it in the first place. Its an inconvenience to his TV career. It made him look bad to associate with a bunch of money grabbers but it makes him look worse to back away from it. If no one knew about it or pressured Marino he would never had taken his name of the lawsuit. It shows that he did not believe in the cause, it was a calculated business decision. When it became inconvenient he tried to erase his action. Maybe I am being unfair but I really am turned off by this.

3.) People Not Outraged By Jim Irsay
Owners guide to screw ups:
When you say the wrong thing an NBA team can be taken from you, everyone hates you and you are the never ending joke on Twitter. When you are intoxicated, driving under the influence and are in possession of drugs, people pretend to care for a while and then let it go.

I am sorry but we need to be outraged by Jim Irsay. A man who breaks laws (that put others in potential harm) is barely scraped in the public eye. If Irsay was a player everyone would be hollering left and right. Roger Goodell would actually have a back bone and the media would never stop talking about it.

No Mark Cuban, The NFL Is Not Imploding

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks believes that the NFL will implode in 10 years. His point is basically that the NFL will eventually bore its fans with too much exposure to football. For the purpose of full disclosure I am a Dallas Mavericks fan and I’m hoping Cuban’s club goes on a nice playoffs run. I generally like Cuban because he is intelligent and not afraid to speak his mind. However when you rip the NFL a new one, I have no choice but to give you a knock of common sense. Besides I have been angry at him since dismantling our 2011 championship team for those superstars that he never signed.

The National Football League is the biggest fish in American professional sports. It just flat out, without doubt is. Cuban seems to think that football every night will hurt the league. If tv stations want it & fans want to watch it and advertisers want in on it… How does this hurt the shield?

Baseball has 162 game seasons on just about every day after opening day. The NBA has 82 game seasons and I watch a good bit of that on any given week night. The NFL only has 16 game seasons and teams only play once a week. The difference is that people will watch even the worst NFL game any night of the week. This sounds like carefully crafted attention seeking to deal with jealousy, Mr. Cuban.

This past season the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars played a Thursday night game. If memory serves me correctly college football had a very compelling matchup between Cincinnati and Louisville that went into overtime. The college game was more appealing to me than two of the worst teams in the NFL. The next day at work people were talking about the NFL game.

I am willing to bet that the NFL draft would get better ratings than the NBA playoffs. People are so obsessed with football that they would rather watch 4 people behind a table talk about soon to be rookies than watch a playoff NBA game. The NFL is king and is discussed all year. But yeah they’re nearing the end, Mark.

Mark Cuban takes everything from a business perspective- he has been very successful in the business world. Surely he understands that the NFL is just giving the consumer what they want. That is just good business. Those Thursday Night Football games that Cuban loathes so much sell out too. The NFL can fill a stadium on any given day. In the NBA your lucky to even get your arena half filled on a week night.

In the NBA people follow their team and a few superstars. People tune into see Lebron James and Kevin Durant. But why would the casual NBA fan watch the Raptors and the Cavaliers go at it on a Wednesday night? The truth is that people will always watch the NFL regardless of who is playing.

How can you oversaturate the market when consumers never can get enough of your product? How can the NFL implode in 10 years when it is the most successful sports league by far? The NFL is engrained in our society.

So, congratulations Mark Cuban. You got your attention. Do me a favor and focus on the Mavs. I would like to see my favorite player, Dirk Nowitzki, win another championship before he retires.

3 Knocks Of Common Sense


3 Knocks Of Common Sense | Chris Schisler

1.)    There is nobody more deserving of a knock of common sense more than Jim Irsay. Like his father, Jim is not afraid to make a fool of himself. We get that Peyton Manning is coming back to Indianapolis, believe us NBC won’t let us forget it. Nobody needs to hear you bash the Peyton, Irsay. He was the franchise, the only reason you were relevant was Peyton Manning. Yes Jim, he only won 1 Super Bowl and was eliminated from the first round of the playoffs almost every year. But do you honestly expect me, or anybody else to respect you saying ANYTHING at all about the most important athlete Indianapolis ever had? Stop tweeting, shut up. Owners should be seen not heard. Hire the right people; let your franchise do the talking, not you. I’d like to thank Jim Irsay. Everyone knows a Baltimore boy loves bashing an Irsay, and Jim Irsay made that pathetically easy.


2.)    The football fans who boo after every injury need to be muzzled, or at least given a knock of common sense. Was there any bigger sign of stupidity then the Sunday Night Football a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta? They booed Vince Wilfork thinking he was faking an injury to slow the Falcons offense down. Yeah, guess what he is out for the season. The fans don’t even grasp the concept of ignorant booing. They booed a Patriots offensive lineman for being hurt. Was he trying to slow his own offense down? This needs to stop, football is better than this. Also I have a hard time thinking that there are 70,000 doctors in the stand.


3.)    Any moron who thinks John Harbaugh is not a good coach needs a big knock of common sense. Fans are calling into the local sports radio stations and spewing hate on the guy who has taken you to 5 straight playoff seasons and a Super Bowl championship. The funny thing is they are not even attacking him correctly. 1 fan called 105.7 The Fan cited that John Harbaugh does not carry any charts during the game, and he does nothing. HE DOES NOT CALL PLAYS! This is just the stupidest argument in the history of sports talk, and that is saying something. Harbs is a great coach with a resume that speaks for itself.

5 Knocks Of Common Sense

Sometimes this world has a major deficiency of practicality. Dumb things are done, said and thought of every second. When these moronic moments occur in the football world it is time for a knock of Common Sense Football to the heads of the day’s screw ups.

Knock 1.)
The NFL Marketing team
Putting up posters all over Denver to promote the kickoff game is one thing. Putting posters featuring Denver’s new arch enemy Joe Flacco thats a whole new ball game. The posters have created chaos. One attention craved Denver sports radio personality ( who will not be named- don’t feed the beast ) put duct tape over the Joe Flacco posters. Fans are upset in Denver. The kickoff is already hyped up, it will be sold out no matter what poster you put up. The NFL is silly for its use of these posters and they need a Knock of Common Sense!
Knock 2.)
Broncos fans must get over the posters. They should not be offended. It was a dumb marketing campaign but it was about the game. It was not about Joe Flacco. The fact that Denver is offended is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. They have no perspective. Baltimore is the defending champions of the football world. It is an 8 year tradition that the champions host the kick off game. The Ravens are the first team to not be given this honor. Denver, if you’re mad about a couple posters… You have no perspective!
Knock 3.)
Texas A&M, NCAA come on man! The university suspended their star quarterback for 1 half! 1 half against a team they should beat easily anyway on Saturday? Manziel Is one of college footballs biggest stars and he barely gets punished? He accepted money for autographs. Last time I checked he broke NCAA rules; and was facing a year penalty! What an unbelievable lack of accountability.
Knock 4.)
The NCAA the “non profit” governing body of college sports…is full of shit! There really is no other way to say it. The NCAA has too many rules. The realm of college sports is completely murky. When you look for trouble you find it. Honestly if someone wanted to give me thousands for my John Hancock you better believe I’d do it. Anyone would. The rule traps college students. If you are going to have a magnitude of dumb rules it is hard to take the NCAA seriously. Then the stupid rule is enforced with a minor slap on the wrist? I don’t care what happens next to Manziel, this is stupid. When will college football say the hell with the NCAA and govern itself?
Bob Kraft one of the better owners in the NFL needs to shut up. He is now “rooting” for Timothy Tebow to make the team? He is the third string quarterback and should be treated accordingly. I wish every bubble player to make the team would get the support Tebow does. What a publicity grab by Kraft… He needs to shut up on this one.