Ravens Beat Themselves And it’s on John Harbaugh’s Shoulders

The Baltimore Ravens fell shamefully 33-30 to the Cleveland Browns today. That is not a typo, it actually happened and I cannot believe it. 

The last time the Browns beat the Ravens in Baltimore was 2007. 2007 was a season much like the first five games of the 2015 campaign, the team was riddled by injuries and rattled by their unfathomable failures. Yes the 1-4 Ravens look more like the 2007 team that finished 5-11, than the team plays away from their 5th AFC Championship game appearance. 

The Ravens were a heavily penalized team today. They kept the officials busy with 12 penalties for 98 yards. Their problems with penalties say everything you need to know; this team has not even an ounce of discipline. 

The Ravens had a 20-9 lead but instead of destroying their division rival destroying their small minuscule piece of hope seemed more fitting. 

The play calling was as horrible as the uninspired performance of the players. The Ravens, who have been credited as one of the best run teams in football, have one of the worst coaching staffs I have ever seen. 

Dean Pees let Josh McCown shatter Cleveland Browns records. A journey man quarterback who has had little to no success threw for 457 yards and 2 touchdowns while Pees sat idly by. He just let it happen, he certainly didn’t seek for answers to the problem. 

Marc Trestman’s play calling was just as laughable. Here is why:

1. Screens are a change of pace that keeps the defense honest in most NFL offenses. Screens are used much more in the Ravens offense. 
2. Three yard passes on 3rd and long are the equivalent of dying without trying. 

3. Lastly, the definition of insanity is expecting different results when you do the same exact thing over and over. That play action pass to the fullback did not work, you can rip that play out of the playbook…or run it until my heart officially breaks. 

All the problems fall on the shoulders of John Harbaugh. Harbaugh fell in love with himself and his arrogance is starting to be more apparent than the lack of receivers on his team. 

A horrible pair of coordinators is going unchecked and unchanged by their boss. Players are continuing to line up in the neutral zone and playing out of position during the play. 

This team has always had the hearts of lions. This edition of Ravens football has the hearts of mice. The Ravens have never made it pretty but found a way to win. This team is making it impossible and finding ways to inexplicably lose. 

Bad play calling, sloppy football and undisciplined players…sounds like coaching is the problem. 

I’m not calling for Harbaugh to be fired (he has built up too much credibility for that no matter what the Ravens record is this season). I am calling for him to hold his players accountable and I am asking him to fire his coordinators.

If this season has taught us one thing it is that you can’t stubbornly ignore your problems. When something isn’t working you have to make changes.    

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