Reactions: Ravens Preseason Report

Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the New Orleans Saints in their first preseason game, Thursday night. Here are a few quick reactions to what we saw:

1. The starting offense looked phenomenal; in fact all the starters seemed sharp. The offense marched doen the field, converting on a third down where Joe Flacco showed off his running ability. They even got the ball in the end zone on a fourth and goal burst. It was a flashy start to the preseason. 

2. The offensive line is the real deal. There is no doubt about it. Moving in unison the zone blocking set up big running lanes for the Ravens running backs. Lorenzo Taliaferro and Buck Allen stole the show in their limited work. Taliaferro looked slimmer and had an extra burst. 

3. One of the most impressive moments of the game was when Carl Davis exploded into the backfield and blew up a running back with just his arm. Though it only came in butsts, Davis showed potential to be a beast for years to come. 

On the other hand Kappron Lewis-Moore dissapointed. He had little burst, played with high pad level and took himself out of the play occasionaly. He also had a neutral zone infraction that didn’t help.

4. It was a good moment for Brin Renner, the Ravens rookie quarterback who led the game winning drive. Renner looked rather unimpressive until that final drive, but he came through in the end. His short touchdown run to win the game was a memorable moment that he can always enjoy. Renner probably won’t make the roster. He is an incredibly flawed passer and the Ravens aren’t keeping three quarterbacks. Still it was a nice moment, and it was a fun finish.

5. ZaDarius Smith and Zachary Orr are two of the most impressive players of the game. Smith showed us that despite how raw he is, he has an incredible burst in pursuit of the QB. Orr played solid textbook perfect linebacker in this game. It is telling that he got a lot more time than Arthur Brown. 

It is so good to have RAVENS football back!


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