4 Downs With Chris: Ravens Schedule 

The Baltimore Ravens have their 2015 schedule before they have their rookies, so today we’ll focus on the schedule. 

1st Down: What I like About the Schedule

The Ravens have a tough start there is no doubting that. But the second half of the season looks promising. The bye week is in week 9, which is a pretty convinient break for the Ravens. After the bye they have 4 straight games they should win (Jags and Rams at home, Browns and Dolphins on the road). 5 of their last 8 games are at home. 

2nd Down: What I Don’t Like About The Schedule:

The Ravens have their first games on the road. Going into Denver is never anything but a tough game. The Ravens have 5 of their first 8 games on the road with tough games. The Ravens toughest stretch is probably week 3 hosting the Bengals and then getting ready for Thursday Night Football in Pittsburgh against the Steelers. The Ravens finish the season with clashed between the Steelers and Bengals. They also have two west coast trips. 

3rd Down: Early Prediction 

I see the Ravens going 10-6. There are some tough games on the schedule but the Ravens are a tough team. If they win the games they should absolutely win against the easier teams, and kick butt in the AFC North 10-6 is reachable. It won’t be easy and at times it will be ugly but the Ravens will win the AFC North. 

4th Down: Best Games To Be At

I think there is no showdown more appealing then the Seahawks coming to Baltimore in the cold of a December night. This could be a Super Bowl preview and the game could have big implications. 

I also think the Chargers game would be fun to go to. I may not have liked the result last season, but the Chargers game was entertaining. That game is on the first day of November. 

If you want a warmer weather game, may I suggest the Bengals game in week 3. That is the Ravens home opener. You could also take a road trip down to Miami in the winter matchup with the Dolphins. 

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