Baltimore Ravens: Small Trade, Big Deal

Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens rule the world. I mean they must if they can get a 4th round pick for Gino Gradkowski. Thats right, the Denver Broncos gave the Ravens a 4th round pick for Gradkowski and a future 5th round pick.

The Ravens won the trade. They got rid of a center they had no interest in starting, and got some cap space as well. The Ravens will likely get that 2016 5th rounder back in the form of a compensatory pick.

The Broncos get a undersized center with little strength and one year of bad experience. The Ravens probably would have taken anything for Gradkowski, and they got a valuable 4th round pick.

You can get some good talent in the 4th round, though its a hit or miss kind of thing. Gradkowski was a 4th round pick. Other notable Ravens 4th round picks include: Lorenzo Taliaferro, Brent Urban, Kyle Juszczyk, Dennis Pitta and Jarrett Johnson.

So the Ravens trade may seem like a small scale thing, but it was a pretty good haul for a bad player. The Broncos may regret this trade. Gradkowski simply wasn’t worth it.

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