Bills & Eagles Trade: Who Won?

Chris Schisler

The Philadelphia Eagles sent shock waves through the football world by sending LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills. In return the Eagles got one of the best young linebackers in football, Kiko Alonso. Who won the trade?

The answer is the Philadelphia Eagles. They parted ways with LeSean McCoy and also parted ways with a large cap hit for 2015. They added a much needed player to their defense, a player whose cap hit is tiny in comparison to McCoy.

Both teams got a big time playmaker in this blockbuster trade. McCoy will certainly be the centerpiece of the Bills offense. Head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator will surely wear McCoy thin with their ground and pound mentality. The injury prone McCoy is a short term investment.

Alonso may be coming off a year of not playing due to an ACL injury, but he’s young and talented. Barring a setback, the Eagles possibly longterm solution at linebacker. In the short-term McCoy may provide the most production. Remember though, that Alonso is the more cost efficient player with likely much more longterm value.

The Eagles won the trade. They have Darren Sproles, who is a formidable weapon in the backfield. They will surely take advantage of the deep running back crop in this year’s NFL Draft. Its easy to replace a running back. Its hard to find a linebacker as good as Alonso.

When you can pay much less for a rare talent linebacker in his prime, than a running back with much wear and tear that you can replace, why wouldn’t you?

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