3 Rules For The NFL Draft

Chris Schisler

The NFL Draft is coming faster than you can imagine. Here are 5 rules for drafting that every team should follow, to ensure they get what they want get who they want at a great value.

1.) Use BPA as a general guideline:

BPA of course means best player available. Each team ranks each prospect in order of most to least value. Each war room will use different rankings because different organizations value different things. Sticking to their player rankings is very important. This ensure that the team will get the most possible value for each selection. Filling a dire need with a quality player is the only acceptable reason for leaving the BPA concept.

2.) Don’t over-invest or take a risk on a prospect, when a similar option is available for less investment or risk:

An example of an over-investment was when the Buffalo Bills traded up for wide receiver Sammy Watkins last year, leaving them without a first round selection this year. Odell Beckham Jr. (The would be rookie of the year) was still available. Beckham Jr. Is a comparable player to Watkins. The Bills could have had similar production and kept their 2015 first round pick. Breaking rule 2, puts new head coach Rex Ryan, in an unfair position to start a new era of Bills football.

This year Dorial Green-Beckham and Marcus Peters are two of the best prospects at their respective positions. Green-Beckham is a big bodied wide receiver with elite speed and vertical ability. Marcus Peters is an aggressive cornerback with the physical tools you look for. Both have been dismissed from their respective college teams for character issues. Both players have the requisite talent to be a first round selection, both players have red flags. In a deep receiver and cornerback draft class, rule two may very well be put to the test this year.

3.) Don’t nitpick or be weary of what can be coached:

Too often talented players are passed on for flaws in their game that can be coached and fixed. What is the point of having a coaching staff, if every prospect has to be perfect? Look for the things that cannot be coached or changed: Size, Speed, Vertical ability, heart. If they have these qualities chances are they can develop the things that can be learned or developed: technique, football IQ. If a player is coachable and has the requisite talent but fails, that is a coaching problem.

These are just 3 basic principles that can help a team get the most value for their draft selections. After all, a draft pick is an investment.

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