Ravens Cannot Ignore TE Position

Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens have to have concerns at the tight end position heading into free agency 2015.

The Ravens cannot depend on Dennis Pitta in 2015, who has had his second season ending hip injury in 2014. The Ravens would love to see him return and have a great season. The Ravens know however that this is no guarantee.

If Pitta decides to retire it would be both disappointing and financially rewarding for the Ravens. The Ravens also have Owen Daniels entering free agency.

The Ravens have a young tight end in Crocket Gillmore who shows much promise. He is a good blocking tight end with decent ability as a receiving option. Gillmore will always have a role in the Ravens’ run based offense that sets up the play action passing game.

The Ravens could use an upgrade at the tight end position. Even if Pitta returns and has a big year, the Ravens could use another good tight end.

Another need the Ravens have is a big bodied guy who can catch the contested passes down the field. Signing Julius Thomas, who has caught 24 Touchdown passes in the past two seasons, would take care of two problems in one move.

A less expensive option would be Charles Clay, who has been the Swiss Army Knife of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins leaned heavily on Clay and moved him all over the place.

Resigning Owen Daniels is certainly an option. A comeback from Dennis Pitta is surely (and hopefully) a possibility. Still, the Ravens could improve the tight end position in free agency.


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