I Hated Roger Goodell Before It Was Cool

Chris Schisler

After a turbulent year in the NFL, left and right there are people calling for the firing of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. My only question is what took so long for people to get here?

I hated the impact Goodell has had on the game long before chanting for his dismissal was a popular opinion. He may be good for the owners, and the NFL is a business but he is not good for the game.

Everything about Goodell is superficial. Every action he takes is about dollars and cents, not about football. He does not care about player safety he cares about legal liability. He does not care about the integrity of the game, he cares only that the money trucks keep coming in.

Some of the new rules for player safety are a welcomed change to the game. Most however take away from the game. The constant flow of yellow flags and player fines only boils up frustration pointed at Goodell. The phrase “Let them play football” should not be a regularly yelled response on NFL Sunday, but it is.

How fair is it to cripple a defender by the rules? By just playing fast and hitting hard (like he is supposed to)He can’t hit high so he is encouraged to hit low. Congratulations NFL, you’ve traded concussions for blown out knees and tendon tears. But Goodell’s first priority is player safety.

Goodell’s failure to punish domestic violence abusers roughly from the beginning has the nation stirred up. The initial Ray Rice suspension was 2 games. Then when a video was released (a video the NFL claims they didn’t see) Rice was cut and suspended indefinitely.

Goodell robotically stood by his weak precedent of two games. When public outcry overwhelmed him, he steepened the penalty (subsequently losing a fight with the NFLPA). Goodell did not care about justice. He cared about the precedent. The quick second punishment only showed how fickle he can be; whatever suits him in the moment is what he does.

Goodell does not care about the fans. He does not care about the players. He works for the owners and only cares about the owners. His employment actually shows the same problems with NFL ownership.

I disliked Roger Goodell before it was cool. He is a businessman. He is not a football man; football will never be the priority for Goodell. We need a football man in charge of the NFL.

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