Ravens Should Fix Secondary Via Free Agency

Chris Schisler

There is no denying that the Baltimore Ravens have big needs in the backend of the defense. These needs should be met via free agency.

The Ravens have never been the type of franchise that tries to win the day, as soon as free agency starts. Instead they are patient, they resign their own and get the free agent leftovers.

This year the Ravens absolutely need to fix the secondary, and they need to do it through free agency. It is highly questionable that a rookie cornerback or safety will come in and make a huge difference right away. They need a veteran to lead the way in the secondary.

There are some intriguing free agents at the cornerback position. Darrelle Revis, Brandon Flowers, Chris Culliver and Buster Skrine are just a few that come to mind.

Revis, the most expensive option would be a game changer. Paired with Jimmy Smith, the Ravens would arguably have the best duo in football. The truth is though that any of the above players would make a huge impact on this team.

Devin McCourty would also be a game changer, though at the free safety position. Before the injury to Smith, the free safety position was the Ravens biggest weakness.

The Ravens cannot risk drafting another defensive back that they expect to be a starter. Matt Elam has been awful. Darian Stewart has been worse. Terrence Brooks shows potential but is still an unpolished option. Will Hill is the Ravens best option on the roster, he can play either free or strong if he returns.

The Ravens mission must be to get a short term answer through free agency. The team is so close to another Super Bowl, patch up the secondary and the Ravens could win it all. The draft may provide a longterm solution, but right now the Ravens cannot wait.

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