Torrey Smith Wants More: Is he worth it?

Every Purple Friday I proudly wear my Torrey Smith jersey. He is one of my favorite players. He is a class act, a good teammate and he is a good receiver. He may be beloved in Baltimore, but how much is he really worth to the Ravens?

The Ravens made Smith a very fair-maybe a too generous offer, that would have paid the free agent receiver, about $7 million a year. Smith is a role player, a number 2. He is not productive enough to be a true number 1. He caught only 49 receptions this season. In 2013, when he was about all the Ravens had to lean on he only amassed 65 receptions and 4 touchdowns. The Ravens value Smith as a team leader and they gave an offer that reflected it.

The very fact that the Ravens are still looking for a number 1 receiver shows you where Smith stands. He is not a guy who will go up and make a contested catch, he is not an unstoppable force. He is no Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall or Demaryius Thomas. Smith is a guy who can beat you deep and will catch it, if its a good pass and he’s open. He is reliable in what he does but Smith is not a game changing talent. He is far from the centerpiece of the Ravens offense.

Smith’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is notorious for seeking every little dollar for his client (and himself). The Ravens will now let Smith test the market. When reality sets in he will likely come back to Baltimore for a price the Ravens are comfortable paying. The market will be set by Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas. Smith is fooling himself, like a child on the losing team that gets a trophy, if he thinks he is in that tier of receivers.

Torrey Smith may be a great person, the Ravens certainly want to keep him, but no sentimentally soft realities exist in the NFL. The Ravens have a price in mind for Smith. Its highly doubtful another team will exceed it. Whether it be because the greed of his agent or his own personal denial, Smith did himself no favor by declining the Ravens contract.


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