Thoughts On The Super Bowl

Chris Schisler

The New England Patriots will play the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015. Who will win this battle of Super Bowl familiar teams?

The Patriots took the controversial path, being accused of cheating in their last two playoff victories. The Seahawks took the lucky path, scoring two touchdowns and a two point conversion in 45 seconds of late 4th quarter play. The Green Bay Packers still are in shock from the onside kick that stole an NFC Championship from them.

The Patriots look like the best team. They needed no luck to surpass the Colts in the AFC Championship. They won 45-7. The week before they survived a spirited attack from the Baltimore Ravens, winning 35-31.

The Super Bowl is not always determined by who is the best team but who has the best matchups. The matchups favor Seattle.

The Seahawks secondary is one of the few teams that has an answer for Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski. Strong safety Kam Chancellor and their athletic linebackers can be physical with him. If they take him away as an option the Patriots high flying offense is mortal.

The Seahawks secondary, The Legion of Boom, will play aggressively in man coverage on the outside. By rerouting the Patriots receivers they will mess with the timing of the offense.

By getting after Brady, with midline pressure, Seattle will bother the 3 time Super Bowl champion QB. The counterpunch could possibly be the Patriots run game, they have to establish the run.

The Patriots are the better team on paper. The Seahawks though have the matchups and after what they did last year, its hard to bet against them.

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