Joe Perfect To The Ravens

Chris Schisler

John Harbaugh gave the talking heads exactly what they wanted by declaring Joe Flacco the best quarterback in football. This has gotten many riled up, but what do you want him to say about his Super Bowl MVP QB?

In terms of talent and statistics its hard to beat Aaron Rodgers. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady’s names are as prevalent in the record book than books are in a library. By normal standards Joe is not number one.

Beauty is often said to be in the eye of the beholder. To John Harbaugh and the Ravens, nothing is nicer than having Joe Flacco as their quarterback. Joe Flacco may not be perfect in your eyes but to the Ravens he is.

He is a big and durable quarterback that can survive the beating AFC North play provides. He can throw the football with zip in any weather. He steps up in the biggest moments of the biggest games. Joe Flacco is not perfect but the results are pretty damn wonderful.

It is amazing that this article needs to be written in the first place. I constantly have to keep the appreciate Joe Flacco drum. It is a job I’ll continue to do with pride as more people need to drown out the loud minority (The Down With Flacco crowd).

How can you blame John Harbaugh for showing pride in the quarterback he has won a lot of games with?


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