Alex Smith Injury Hurts Ravens Playoff Chances

The Baltimore Ravens are in a troubling situation going into the final week of the season. They need the San Diego Chargers to lose to the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday as well as a win against Cleveland. The problem is Alex Smith will not play this week due to a spleen injury. The Ravens are counting on a backup quarterback to give them the help they need…lovely.

Kansas City probably was not going to beat San Diego anyway. Philip Rivers is on fire right now, the Chargers are winning no matter what happens. The team is just hot right now and they’re coming back from huge deficits; they’re breaking the odds every single week. The San Diego Chargers put themselves in control of their destiny by stepping up in the big moments.

Now the Chargers just need to beat Chase Daniel lead Chiefs to go to the playoffs. The Baltimore Ravens are essentially cooked. The Chargers strike me as a team that will not blow a golden opportunity to get into the postseason. The Ravens loss in Houston hurt but this situation could have been avoided by taking care of the Chargers at home.

The Baltimore Ravens made this problem against the Chargers not with their loss of the Houston Texans. If they could’ve capitalized on two double-digit leads against San Diego the Ravens would be in control their playoff hopes. The Ravens put themselves in the situation by letting Philip Rivers dominate them when it mattered most.

You have to win games at home in which you have double digit leads it’s pretty much that simple. Now it’s up for a back up quarterback of another team to get the Ravens into the playoffs. The Ravens are in trouble.

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