Baltimore Ravens Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

Chris Schisler

In the NFL you can lose. You’re not going to win every game. But when you embarrass yourself like the Ravens did on Sunday it is absolutely inexcusable. The Ravens went into Houston knowing that if they just won their last two games they were in the postseason. Now the Ravens need help to get into the postseason, now we know though they don’t deserve the postseason.

I really don’t want to get into the blame game, it seems futile. Every single person associated with the Baltimore Ravens failed yesterday. Everybody is at fault for the loss. The fans got the hearts broken because the Ravens decided not to show up for a very important football game. If you want to blame people today blame every single person wearing purple and black on the sideline and in the coaches box. Blame everybody because the Ravens should be ashamed of themselves.

I really don’t think this was an effort thing though they did look flat. It’s not like I’m going to buy into the fact that they did not care. What I will say is that they played horribly and instead of trying to fix the problem they felt sorry for themselves. The Ravens fought so hard all season, they got through so many problems this season, they did so much this season all to throw it away. The performance was disgusting, despicable and worst of all embarrassing.

The Baltimore Ravens have a lot of problems. The secondary is horrible we know that. The Ravens have overcome injuries and heartbreaking losses that came down to the wire. But none of it means anything. The Ravens threw away everything they worked to gain this season. They just threw it away. The Ravens are a pretty good football team but they don’t deserve the playoffs. Not when you’re sitting pretty with everything to lose and you play the worst game arguably in franchise history.

As a sports writer it’s my job to be objective, to tell you the unadulterated truth and to give you great insight to what happens on the field. Will be on adulterated truth is the Baltimore Ravens were an embarrassment against Houston. The truth is I have no clue how that happened and I’ll never understand why it happened. As a ravens fan my heart is just as broken as yours. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer; the only thing I can conclude is that our team should be ashamed of their performance.

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