Who Wins AFC North?

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens are all hoping to be crowned AFC North Champions. In the NFL’s most competitive division, anything could happen other than Cleveland being the champs. Who will take the AFC North?

The Steelers have the best shot because they don’t need anyone to help them. If Pittsburgh wins its final two games, it wins the division. They do have a tough road, through the Chiefs and Bengals but both games are at home. The Bengals require no help either but must go to Pittsburgh to play a team that already clobbered them.

The Ravens need only win out for a playoff berth but need help to win their division. Baltimore would require the Steelers and Bengals to both lose once more. This is not unrealistic. The Bengals play Denver on Monday Night Football. The Chiefs are not an easy out for the Steelers. If Kansas City can beat Pittsburgh (the biggest if)Denver should beat the Bengals.

This means that Baltimore only needs to beat Houston and Cleveland for a chance at the division title. They cannot control their chances at the division level but taking care of their business gets them in the playoffs. The Ravens are the most likely team to win out. Houston is starting Case Keenum at quarterback. It is a road game, but the Ravens can take that. Cleveland could not beat Baltimore in Cleveland. It would be shocking if the Browns beat the Ravens who will have everything to gain or lose.

The Ravens have a good shot, but they do need help. It will be a fun and dramatic end to the regular season. My only question is how did it get here so soon?

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