Ravens Win Ugly, Keyword Win

The Baltimore Ravens were victorious at home 20-12 over the Jaguars. In a much needed win, Baltimore gained no style points but moved to the all important 6 seed. The Jaguars may have slowed down the Ravens, but they could not stop them. If Baltimore wins their final 2 ball games, Ravens fans have the playoffs to look forward to.

Sometimes you have to win ugly in the National Football League. Winning is a tough task and no team is completely hopeless, even the Raiders have 2 wins. The Jaguars played hard and tested the Ravens. Who cares how it looked? The Ravens passed the test.

Its nice to know that the Ravens can win a football game the way they did Sunday. They found a way despite having their top 10 rushing attack get stifled most of the afternoon. The run game, as we know, is the key to the Ravens’ attack. Joe Flacco had to make plays in the air and he delivered. It was not pretty but it was a sweet victory.

The Ravens were penalized 9 times for 70 yards. The Jaguars successfully attempted a surprise onside kick and a fake punt. The Ravens defense was on the field almost the entire first quarter. It was a frustrating slop-fest of a game. The key is that it was a win for the purple and black.

The remaining road is promising for the Ravens. It is never easy to go to Houston, but the Texans are beatable. The Ravens finish with a clash against the Browns, who are sinking fast. It may not be easy, but the Ravens showed they will do whatever it takes. If the Ravens win out, they will return to the postseason. The division title is not unimaginable. This is why the keyword on Sunday, was win.

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