4 Downs With Chris #RavensNation

Chris Schisler

1st Down: Is the Ravens game this Sunday hosting the Jaguars a Trap game?

I don’t think the Jaguars game is a trap because the Ravens know that every game is crucial. The playoffs have already started for the Ravens, they know they have not exactly set the world on fire with their play this season. They cannot take the Jags lightly but if they play well, there will be a Ravens victory.

2nd Down: Which remaining game will be the toughest for the Ravens?

Going to Houston is not an easy task but Cleveland is the big battle. Division rivals always bring their A game and much could be on the line. The Browns probably have the best defense left on the Ravens schedule. If they stop the run, they can stop Baltimore. I think the Ravens will win out but not easily.

3rd Down: Are The Ravens Sacks due to players doing well or the defensive scheme?

One might want to give Dean Pees a modicum of credit for the Ravens ability to sack the quarterback. The bulk of the Ravens sacks come from Elvis Dumervil (16.5) and Terrell Suggs (8.5). The Ravens have two great rushers who Regularly beat offensive tackles. The Ravens defensive coordinator does not consistently bring pressure, rather Pees relies on Suggs and Dumervil. When Pees is aggressive others get into the act, but Pees is inconsistent.

4th Down: Something changed in Miami.

When the Ravens have struggled this season, they have failed to get their way out of it. They have 5 losses from breaking down against good teams in big moments. The Ravens crumbled against the Colts, they got steamrolled in Pittsburgh and they let their guard down with 4th quarter leads against Cincy and San Diego. The Ravens were down 10-0 in Miami and won 28-13. The Ravens found a way to pull themselves together, hinting that this team showed some growth. That cannot be overstated, this is huge.

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