The State of The Ravens

Chris Schisler

Last evening I rocked my usual purple Friday gear, my Torrey Smith Jersey and my Super Bowl 47 hat. I was at work when I noticed people were acting like the Ravens were 5-7. A man came up to me I said how are you doing he said “better then the Ravens”. I was telling a coworker that the match ups work to our favor. He said I was wrong and that we are a really bad team that can’t stop anyone. I get that the Chargers game was heartbreaking but the Ravens are 7-5 and very much in the hunt for the post season.

The Haloti Ngata suspension adds to the negative energy of the fan base. It certainly does not help but it also is not crippling. The Ravens are probably deepest along the defensive line. Timmy Jernigan will get a chance to shine in Ngata’s absence. The Ravens have their problems and it does have a everything is going wrong kind of feel. However there is plenty of upside for the Ravens.

Baltimore has 4 games left against beatable opponents. 2 of the 4 games are in Baltimore where the Ravens tend to play superbly. The Ravens have dug themselves a hole as they are one of 6 teams with a 7-5 record and lost to San Diego. If the Ravens win out however it is very likely that they would receive a playoff seed. The division championship is still in reach as the Ravens have the easiest remaining schedule and a Dalton led Bengals collapse would surprise no one. The Ravens have a chance to turn around a bad conference record with 4 AFC opponents lined up for them.

If the Ravens lose to the Miami Dolphins, they are about cooked for the wild card race and would not really deserve a spot in the first place. I am not trying to paint an unrealistic positive picture; rather I’m saying nothing is over or decided yet and therefore we must keep our collective hopes up.

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