Ravens lose, Hold Defense Accountable

Chris Schisler

Rant of The Week

The Baltimore Ravens lost a game to the San Diego Chargers in which they built two 10 point leads. The Ravens had their second 10 point lead in the 4th quarter. Baltimore gave a collective sigh of disbelief when the Chargers took the lead 34-33 with seconds left. The Ravens lost a game they had to win in a way you had to see to believe.

In the back of your mind, you must have thought the Ravens lost when they settled for a 4th Justin Tucker field goal. With over 3 minutes, the Ravens went up 6 over the Chargers. Phillip Rivers went down the field with his offense like it was easy-the way he did it all day long.

You can argue that the Ravens need to score touchdowns and not field goals. I can’t argue with that. However the offense was not the problem on Sunday. The Ravens put up 33 points and that should be enough for a victory. The defense was awful in almost every aspect-from the vanilla and stunt free gameplan – to the utter lack of execution on 3rd downs. Justin Forsett rushed for over 100 yards and Joe Flacco threw for 250 and had 2 touchdowns. He also ran for one. With 33 points and that stat line the offense should receive praise. They would be beloved for sticking to the formula if the score was reversed by 1 point.

The defense was pitiful, plain and predictable. Phillip Rivers ripped this defense to shreds. Almost every 3rd down was a Chargers conversion. The Chargers had an absurd 31 first downs in the contest. I know we love the defense, it was dominant for years, blah blah blah, sugar and spice, everything nice whatever. I have heard it before and we’ll hear it again. News flashing st the bottom of the screen says that the Ravens defense is no longer dominant.

Go ahead and crucify Joe Flacco. He is such a lovely scapegoat isn’t he, dull and he is ambivalent to it all. Go ahead tell John Harbaugh to get his stuff together. Blame Kubiak, we’ve been blaming offensive coordinators forever its just what we do. Do what you want but this loss is on Dean Pees and the Baltimore Ravens defense. There is no other way to put it. For once, hold the defense accountable.

We used to have standards for defense that any NFL city would have found hard to keep. We used to demand great defense. Not great red zone defense, not two great pass rushers but great defense. The secondary is trash, and the game plan is as inspired as a snail moving 1 centimeter per minute. Its garbage and its time we ditch our convenient scapegoats and hold the defense accountable in Baltimore.


  • Amen brotha. I knew we’d lost after we settled for that field goal. That used to be enough when we had a secondary, but there was no way it was happening against phillip rivers. Harbaugh knew it too, thats why they tried to run that tricky fake field goal. He knew the defense couldnt make the stop. Very sad

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