Football Style Thanksgiving

Chris Schisler

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks to our readers and those who provide us with joy on the football field. I cannot tell you how much it means to me, how much it means to John, to have such an amazing and loyal base of readers. This website has been everything I hoped it to be and more – a reason to wake up in the morning – something to take pride in and a place for great conversation. First and foremost, I give you my gratitude.

Before I get into football, thanks must go to my family and my country. I am grateful to be in such a caring family unit. My brother is the most loyal man I know. I appreciate him so very much. My parents are always there for me. My grandparents are full of love and are strengthened by a wealth of experiences. To everyone that plays a role in my life, thank you.

I am so thankful to be a member of the United States of America. In many countries I could not express ideas freely on the internet. In many countries I would have no political voice; in this country we have a voting booth. It is quite easy to forget the greatness of America amidst all the problems we share. The United States is home to football, the greatest sport that mankind could ever create. Football is my passion and it is engrained in the culture of these 50 beautiful states.

I am thankful for the Baltimore Ravens. I don’t think many Ravens fans realize how lucky we are. We have not had a losing season in Baltimore since 2007. I have been on the earth for just 24 years, and I have seen my team win two Super Bowls. The Ravens have played a physical brand of football that has become part of my personality. The Ravens are not just a football team but a way of life.

I want to give thanks to the game of football itself. From being a player in high school, to a fan to a blogger, I have loved the game every step of the way. For hours of entertainment, for goal line stands, great blocks and bone-crushing tackles, I need it all. From the passion of college and the power of the NFL, the euphoria of victory cannot be beat. Football, you have my thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Thanks for everything you do. You’re the reason I write!

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