Ravens Better Than Saints

Written by Chris B. For Common Sene Football

I tell you, I am tired of the sensationalist media coverage of football. The media has become a pack of followers, not trying to do a good job of coverage but trying to climb the ladder of “success” by simulating football knowledge and stories.

New Orleans is 4-6. They have been battered to the tune of a losing record for a REASON. Not because of luck, or a fluke, or a bad bounce, but because they have a deficit of talent/execution on their squad. Somehow, they are the massive favorite for tonight’s MNF matchup.

I know about their proficiency at home. I know about their primetime record. Yet, simply jumping on their bandwagon in order to sound savvy is ridiculous.

We are a BETTER TEAM. We are rested. We have faced solid, playoff-caliber teams in our narrow losses, with the exception of our arch rival (being a narrow loss). Arguably, we actually won one of those.

And the difference in this game and the 4 that the Saints have won: we are a complete team, with executing talent on both sides of the ball. Green Bay does not play defense, I don’t care where Clay Matthews plays. Carolina is in shambles. The struggling Bucs put 31 on these boys and almost beat them, in N.O. And the Vikings don’t have a QB. Our offense has struggled against good defenses, which the Saints don’t have. Our defense has struggled against deep passes and one hot offense. Yet, we are scoring as much as the Saints per game, and we are stuffing teams consistently in the run.

We have tenacity and experience to take a game 60 minutes. We never give up. Although, in order for this scenario to be necessitated tonight, the Saints will have to have sustained success against our defense, and I just don’t see that happening. At all. Plus, their D will have to have shut down our running O. Again, I don’t see it. We are good for a reason, we are averaging 5 plus per rush for a reason. We have a top tier D for a reason, we don’t give up a lot of points for a reason. If the Saints were truly a star in the NFC south, they would have a better record and would not have lost to the Falcons. I’m not going to dread Drew Brees when alot of those stats are against subpar defenses or playing catch-up. The media world might not be confident in our newly tooled defensive backfield, but I am. Ironic is the major overlooking of the absence of the best deep threat on their team, Brandin Cooks.

Mark my words: the only way the Saints win is with some major referee help.

A long streak is bound to be broken. It’s high time. While the entire world might have penciled the win in for the Saints tonight, I know of 53 men who have a very different outcome in mind and are going to make believers out of everyone else.

At least, until the newest fad catches on and the followers promote that.

@chrisbraven authors a blogsite, chrisbraven.net, in his spare time while not playing Safety coverage against his 8 month old son’s assault on his den. He and his wife and kids live in North Carolina.

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