Ravens @ Saints Q&A

Chris Schisler

@troy_wilmore: @footballman58 What is your prediction for the game and whose your X-Factor?

Answer: The Ravens well rested from their bye week, will go into New Orleans and win 31-24. I don’t think the Ravens stop the Saints offense completely. Drew Brees will have his big plays. The Ravens will limit the big plays and there should be no problem making plays against this Saints defense. I think special teams are always a source for X-factors. I see Jacoby Jones as a potential X-Factor for better or worse. You never know when Jones is going to change the game with either a dazzling kick return or a lousy fumble.

@BBlack_9: @footballman58 the Ravens will finish with __ sacks on Monday night?

Answer: Its not all about sacks with Drew Brees. Its a lot about derailing the play, affecting the timing and forcing mistakes. To answer your question however the Ravens will get 3-4 sacks on Drew Brees. I expect a huge game from Elvis Dumervil, who has been amazing this season.

@RavensHypeMan: @footballman58 Will pass rush be ON enough 2 stop a DESPERATE Bree’s is my ?,We will have to DOMINATE in the Trenches on #O & #D 4 this win

Answer: Its hard to call Brees, an all-time great, desperate. Brees is still highly productive with 3,071 yards and 19 touchdowns. He has had a few awful games this season but he has been a good quarterback overall. I think the Ravens have to get pass rush but they can’t feel comfortable with a heavy load of blitzing. The Ravens have to get pressure but more with pass rushers winning 1 on 1 match ups against offensive linemen and with creative stunts. The Saints offensive line has had issues this season, I believe the Ravens can give them some more trouble.

@greg_embert: @footballman58 Which #Ravens player’s performance is most critical for a Ravens victory?

Answer: Justin Forsett is the guy the Ravens need to lean on. When the Ravens healthily rush over 100 yards, the Ravens win. Justin Forsett needs to have a huge day against a soft rushing defense. If the Ravens get away from the run the Saints will just pressure Flacco relentlessly. With a good run game, Flacco can pick apart a weak secondary. Everything good starts with the running game and Forsett is the number 1 workhorse on this team.

@Tracy_Cole65: @footballman58 @MarylandGirl89 @SupermanRob2914 @snedjd @SSVonWNST Who or what is Ravens weakest link and who could be Saints stand out guy?

Jimmy Graham always has a chance to shine especially against a struggling secondary. There is little doubt that the secondary is the weakest linkof the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens safeties have played well below the standards in the NFL. The Ravens will have to be creative in stopping Graham. It could be a real problem.

@SupermanRob2914: @footballman58 @MarylandGirl89 @snedjd @Tracy_Cole65 @SSVonWNST Will the loss of Cooks make a difference in the Saints passing game?

This is still an offense that has Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston and Kenny Stills. Drew Brees is not exactly running out of weapons. It certainly does not help the Saints to lose their talented rookie. The Ravens still have to cover three very talented targets. I expect more zone coverage than man to man. The idea will be to keep everything in front of the defense, and take away timing with pass rush. The Ravens just have to worry about what they can control, its not like the Saints offense is now lacking talented receivers.

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