Get Pumped RavensNation

Chris Schisler

There seems to be something going around. Its like a virus of the spirit and it has gotten into Ravens Nation. There is always little buzz outside of Baltimore about the Ravens. This season it seems that there is little buzz about the Ravens from their fans. The die hard fans have not changed a bit, they’re as loyal as ever, a large faction of the fan base. The problem is that I’m seeing less purple on Friday’s. The problem is that if the Ravens win we get a yeah but what can we really take from it-we should have won. When the Ravens lose people bad mouth the team over social media as if they were perennial bottom feeders in the NFL. For whatever reason Ravens fans as a whole, seem less passionate or less willing to get their hopes up. Thats a problem, the Ravens are still chasing down every goal that was in front of them when the season kicked off.

The signs of this began in the cloud of Ray Rice, his awful video and the insinuating report from the ESPN Outside The Lines report. We’d have to be naive to think this did not scare away the casual fans of the Ravens. It affected the entire fan base of not just the Ravens but the NFL as well. In the middle of this stormy storyline, the Ravens Thursday night game against the Steelers, was an afterthought. Normally the most hyped game of the year, TMZ’s video stole it’s thunder. Whether it is a conscious choice or not, I believe many have trouble trusting the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens have also lost their biggest games of the season. Baltimore had a chance to start the year off with a statement against Cincinnati, they blew it. The purple and black would go on to be swept by the Bengals. They lost a winnable game in Indianapolis, a game in which the Ravens offense disappeared. The Ravens got blown away in Pittsburgh in what felt like a crushing loss. The Ravens have not come through in the biggest moments of their season. Surely, beating up on the lesser teams does not convince Baltimore to get its championship hopes up.

The Ravens can still win the division or get a wild card spot. As we learned in 2012, just getting in the playoffs gives you a chance to hoist the Lombardi trophy. The Ravens are 6-4 in the winningest division in the entire league. This is the time when every game has escalated importance. It is the time for excitement in the Charm City.

It is gut check day for Ravens Nation, a group of people I love and believe in. The Ravens are going into a big showdown with the New Orleans Saints. Regardless of the Saints record it is a tough road game. It is gut check day for the Ravens as well as their fans. Lets believe in our Ravens! Lets wear our purple proudly and loudly! Get your hopes up, thats the pleasure of sports- to be completely lost in the moment and to live in the energy of it. We need to get as excited as the last time our team played a big game in the Superdome!


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