Raiders Win, What Does It Mean

Chris Schisler

The Oakland Raiders shocked Kanas City with a 24-20 victory. It was the first win for the Raiders this season, their losing streak went back to last season. It was an amazing moment, to see the passion and energy that Oakland had in a moment they waited too long for. Now its a big time overreaction Friday. The Raiders are not going to suddenly be good. The Raiders have one good moment in 11 games-there is much more evidence suggesting that they are not headed in the right direction. The Chiefs are not going to crumble, they are not awful. What can we really take away from this football game, that will not continue to ignite overreaction Friday?

This was obviously a trap game for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs started the game lethargically. While effort and energy are not quantifiable, it was rather obvious that Oakland had a surplus of energy, Kansas City did not. This is sort of understandable. The Chiefs just beat the defending Super Bowl Champions and were definitely looking ahead to the critical game against Denver. Next Sunday if the Chiefs lose to the Broncos they can kiss the division championship goodbye. Thursday Night is a tough spot for any road team and the Chiefs probably did not have their head in the game.

The Raiders did show some positive things. Khalil Mack showed great athleticism and versatility. Derrick Carr stepped up in the clutch and Latavius Murray emerged as a star running back. Credit must always go to the victors; the Raiders certainly earned it.

The Raiders however still have problems. 0-10 does not simply wash away. The Raiders showed that their defense is capable of being decent if the offense does not put them in bad spots. The Raiders did have stretches in the game where the defense got gashed and worn down. Credit Oakland for coming up big in the clutch, but they easily could have run away with that football game.

Big picture, it supports the notion that anything can happen in the National Football League. I am not going to pretend that I saw this coming. i thought this would be another sorry Thursday Night Football blow out with all the drama drying paint can provide.

The Oakland Raiders won what was their Super Bowl. It was amazing to see the relief winning provided this team. The fans acted as if they were released from their slow weekly torture and had been thrown into a utopia, a once feared place called the black hole. It was a moment to remember, but lets not overreact to what just happened.

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