NFL Picks Week 12

Chris Schisler

The National Football League gave us a great slate of games this weekend. Unfortunately, the Thursday night game will probably be another blow out. Here are my picks:

Chiefs @ Raiders
Pick: Chiefs
Reason: The Chiefs are playing great football. The defense is very strong, specializing in taking down quarterbacks. Offensively, Alex Smith does not make big mistakes at the quarterback position. The Chiefs have a formula that works and should beat the lowly Raiders handily.

Jets @ Bills
Pick: Bills
Reason: The Bills defense has been very strong this season. They should have enough firepower offensively to beat the Jets, whose QB situation is laughable.

Browns @ Falcons
Pick: Browns
Reason: The Falcons can’t stop the run. The Browns run the ball a lot. The Browns have a good secondary. The Falcons rely on deep passing, something they set up with short passing. The Browns also have a great pass rush, which should have no problem against Atlanta’s offensive line.

Buccaneers @ Bears
Pick: Bucs
Reason: This is a game I would expect Chicago to take care of…but I have no faith in this Bears team. This one is personal for Lovie Smith, expect a passionate showing from the Buccaneers.

Bengals @ Texans
Reason: The Bengals are an inconsistent team. When they give a drubbing to New Orleans like that, I see a let down performance. The Texans will lean on the running game and their strong defense. In Houston they are tough.

Lions @ Patriots
Pick: Patriots
In Gillette Stadium the Patriots are tough to beat. The New England offense has come alive. The running game has been a great surprise and the Brady to Gronkowski connection is very healthy. New England can keep up on the scoreboard with Stafford and the Lions. However the Patriots defense is playing so well, it may not be a shoot out.

Packers @ Vikings
Pick: Packers
Reason: We’ve seen this play before. The Packers are the Super Bowl contenders, the Vikings are an average team. The Packers defense has impressed recently. If that continues Green Bay is almost unbeatable.

Jaguars @ Colts
Pick: Colts
Reason: Its hard to imagine Indy losing two straight home games. The Colts will air it out-the Jags can’t stop Andrew Luck.

Titans @ Eagles
Pick: Titans
Reason: I think the relentless blitz bothers Sanchez and evens out the playing field. Bishop Sankey can also carve up the Eagles defense.

Rams @ Chargers
Pick: Rams
Reason: The Chargers have had their struggles ever since their red hot start. The Rams are a team that dies everything right. They may not wow you at the quarterback position but that defense is rick solid.

Cardinals @ Seahawks
Pick: Cardinals
Reason: Arizona has the better team. The Cardinals defense is amazing. They have a bevy of playmakers on offense, and Drew Stanton won’t lose the game for you. The Seahawks can’t run the ball on this defense. I think Russell Wilson struggles and Arizona wins.

Dolphins @ Broncos
Pick: Broncos
Reason: Manning does not lose twice in a row many times. The Broncos will be able to shut down the Dolphins offense and Peyton is getting back on his MVP track.

Redskins @ 49ers
Pick: 49ers
Reason: The 49ers can run all over the Redskins defense. They will control the ball with their run game and dominate Washington.

Cowboys @ Giants
Pick: Cowboys
Reason: The Giants can’t stop the run. Its pretty much that simple.

Ravens @ Saints
Pick: Ravens
Reason: The Saints scare me no longer, they’re a team that beats themselves. Baltimore’s offense has no excuse against a bad Saints defense. The Ravens better win this one.

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