Miss St vs Alabama 4 Takeaways

Chris Schisler

1.) Both teams came as advertised. It was a great game between two powers in the SEC. When it was all over, Alabama proved that they were the better team. It was exactly what we had expected, a great defensive showdown. Mississippi State is not out of the playoff picture, but they did themselves no favors. Alabama just has to win out and they will participate in the playoffs.

2.) Alabama is the best team in the country. I’m not just saying this because the Tide beat the number one team. Alabama can beat anybody. The Crimson Tide defense is sometimes dominant, and always good. They have a great group of running backs, an amazing offensive line and a great playmaker in Amari Cooper. Mississippi State has out-toughened everybody they have played, everybody but Alabama.

3.) There was not much creativity to the Bulldogs’ offense. Most of the times the Dak Prescott show works but the over reliance on quarterback draws drives me crazy. When Dak Prescott struggles, this offense just doesn’t function. Alabama gave the world the blueprint for success against Prescott.

4.) Blake Simms has grown tremendously this season. He looks like he has a firm grasp on the offense and is playing, not thinking. He showed us his big time potential last week in a clutch drive against LSU. This week he showed us that it was no fluke. Simms gives the Tide a little star power at the QB position.

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