Another Close Call For Florida State

Chris Schisler

In the first year of the College Football Playoffs the Florida State Seminoles have presented quite a problem for the selection committee. FSU has been ranked in the top 3 all season. Their winning streak extended to 26 games last night; the streak started in their perfect championship run last year. The Seminoles may have glorious results but they are not a dominant team. Last night was Florida State’s 6th comeback victory. In 3 of those comebacks the Seminoles received a scare from an unranked opponent. Last evening The scarlet and gold found themselves losing 16-0. The College Football Playoff is reserved for the best 4 teams in the country. The defending champion FSU Seminoles are the only remaining undefeated team but it looks as if there are 4 teams better than them.

If you look at Florida State and their schedule objectively, its pretty week. Oklahoma State, Louisville and Clemson are their big wins. Notre Dame has proven to be dramatically overrated. They have beaten Citadel and weaker ACC opponents. Meanwhile, Alabama has beaten Mississippi State, Texas A&M and West Virginia. They play in the toughest division of the toughest conference. Thats how Alabama got in contention. Oregon has beaten Michigan State, Utah, Arizona and UCLA. These are all top 25 teams. TCU has beaten 5 top 25 teams. If Mississippi State beats Ole Miss, they will have 4 wins against top 35 teams. The resume of FSU is not all that impressive in comparison to other top schools.

The Seminoles close calls on the field reflect Jameis Winston’s close calls off the field. His FSU conduct policy hearing keeps getting delayed for the sake of his football career. Yes, in Tallahassee, playing is more important than receiving punishment for sexual assault. The police basically told the victim to zip it because taking down a star of Winston’s caliber would make her life miserable. Winston stole crab legs from a Publix grocery store. He was suspended one game for yelling an obscene phrase in an FSU cafeteria. He even has been accused of point shaving. Essentially Winston is a jerk who can do whatever he wants. Its getting harder and harder to like Florida State and easier to root against them.

The fact remains however that Florida State is undefeated. They keep winning games and their offense is next to impossible to stop for 60 minutes of football. Florida State has to be included in the playoff if they remain undefeated. Whatever great team misses the playoff because of them will have a legitimate gripe. That being said if they win it all, FSU can shut the critics up completely.

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