Greatness Of NFL Not Showing in Prime Time

Anything can happen in the NFL this year. Heading into week 11 the possibilities are endless; with 7 of 8 division races too close to call. Even the mighty Denver Broncos (who have earned the number 1 seed in the AFC two years in a row) have the Chiefs and Chargers breathing down their neck. Arizona has the best record at 8-1 but could come back to earth without Carson Palmer. The competitive balance in the NFL could not be better.

This great competitive balance has not always translated to great prime time games this season. Thursday Night Football has seen 6 games be decided by 20 points or more. Sunday Night Football has 8 of these games. Here we have contradicting information. The NFL has a bunch of teams clumped together by record, which provides much drama as we head into the final stretch. However, in the prime time games, their has been little drama. In fact the nationally televised prime time showcases have been an embarrassment for the NFL.

The NFL has had many great games this year. Something that prime time viewers have not seen much. It should be noted that the concept of Thursday Night Football ruins the week of preparation and essentially asks for sloppy football. There is a built in excuse for Thursday Night Football but not for NBC’s crown jewel Sunday Night Football. I think when everybody gets to play in prime time, you’re going to get some stinkers.

The NFL is the league where anything can happen on any given week. The league that can see the Steelers win back to back games against the Colts and Ravens but then lose to the lowly Jets. It feels like every Sunday afternoon there is nothing but drama and heart pounding finishes. The races for playoff spots are so tight. It may not show in prime time but the NFL is the league where you never know what to expect. I would not have it any other way.


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