Shut Up LeBron

Chris Schisler

It is well documented that LeBron James is not my favorite person; this being a football blog I typically leave that for Twitter. LeBron made news though, when he said that he would not allow his children to play football. This is an understandable position for a parent, but that does not make it right. Football is a dangerous game, we get it. Playing football was a special part of my life, and a huge part of growing up. When a professional athlete tells us that his sons cannot play football, he has used depressingly blind logic.

Imagine that by the same logic LeBron’s mother told him he was not allowed to play basketball. It may sound like a ridiculous hypothetical but its a fair question. Injuries happen in all sports, they just get more attention in football. LeBron James regularly falls down to a hardwood court after a ferocious dunk. If he falls down at the wrong angle, he could get a concussion or break his neck. LeBron James has a rare gift of supreme athleticism. He has a passion for basketball and it shows in his play. What if his parent said no to basketball? It would seem unfair, right?

Parents routinely say that they just want their kids to be happy. They want their sons and daughters to find their passion. If a child dreams of being a football player, or just loves the game and yearns to be part of it and the parent says no, the parent is trapped in a contradiction. When they turn 16 are you going to refuse to let them get their learner’s permit? Driving is more dangerous than playing football.

Its nice that LeBron James is worried about the well being of his children. I think any parent who makes the same decision has their heart in the right place. I understand his position, its just not right. Its not fair.

One of my biggest regrets is not starting to play organized football until the 8th grade. It was a major disadvantage as most of my piers had been playing for years. My experience as a football player could have been drastically different if I began to play at an earlier age. I was no superstar but you better believe I loved and lived for the game.

Its not a parents choice because most players don’t get to play after high school. There is a clock on your playing days-believe me when its over it hits you like a freight train. I am not a parent but I was a kid who loved the game. Parents preventing their boys from playing football is a heartbreakingly unfair decision.

Parents should take solace knowing that football weeds out the weak. It weeds out the players who can’t take a hit, the players who just want to wear the shiny jerseys or garner attention from his female piers. Football can even break the heart of somebody who truly cares, someone with passion for mile and the determination of a lion backed into a corner. Playing football either make you stronger or it breaks you away from the game. Morally, I truly mean this, its the kid’s choice.

It irks me when a superstar professional athlete says something like this. It infuriates me when people try to make football out to be a bad thing. Anything that gives credence to the defamation of the world’s greatest sport drives me crazy. It makes me even madder when it comes from a professional athlete in another sport. LeBron James was given a beautiful chance to explore his talent in sports. Why would he limit the opportunities of his likely athletically inclined children?

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