A Mess In The Windy City

Chris Schisler

The Chicago Bears are the NFC’s great underachiever. The Bears have lost 5 of the last 6 games and are coming off a humiliating 55-14 loss to the Packers. There are Bears fans who would tell you that they could lose 14 games as long as their beloved Bears beat Green Bay. The Bears have been blown out twice by the rival Packers. It is a frustrating season for a team that had high hopes. This is underachieving it is really that simple.

The Bears have a group of offensive talent that many team would envy. Chicago has arguably the best receiver group in football. They have a star running back in Matt Forte and a freakishly athletic tight end in Martellus Bennett. The offensive line is decent. Jay Cutler leads the Bears as a quarterback running out of excuses.

From a purely statistical approach you could say everything is fine. Surely the 10 interceptions are troubling, but he has thrown 18 touchdown passes. Cutler has thrown for a respectable 2,365 yards and has a healthy completion percentage of 66.4. But think about this from a deeper perspective. The Bears offense is 24th in points scored per game. The Bears struggle on third downs and Cutler has been sacked 24 times in 10 games. Jay Cutler is struggling to make decisions with nothing but playmakers around him. Essentially this data equates to Cutler throwing an interception per game and getting sacked a minimum of 2 times every Sunday.

The Bears are ranked 24th in scoring, which is a problem considering their defense is an absolute joke. In back to back weeks the Bears have given up over 50 points. Yes, this is the same Chicago Bears team that has always been synonymous with great defense. From the 1985 dominance, to Lovie Smith’s turnover express, the Bears have always boasted great defense. The past two seasons, head coach Marc Trestman has seen an historically bad defense. The Bears cannot stop the run. Opposing quarterbacks love to play them as much as running backs. The secondary is just not good, though Kyle Fuller shows promise as a rookie cornerback.

The Bears fired Lovie Smith after a 10-6 record, a mark the Bears will fail to replicate under Marc Trestman for a second season. Chicago believed their team was on the way up, Smith was the scapegoat for their failure to win a championship. They hired Trestmen to get them to the next step up.

Last year the Bears offense showed a lot of promise on offense but the defense was the big problem. The Bears essentially traded offensive problems for defensive problems. This year however, the Bears have problems all over the place. The Chicago Bears hired Trestman to take them to the next level but instead have gone backwards. It is certainly a mess in the windy city.

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