Chris Answers Questions: Tuesday

Chris Schisler

It is time for another fun Q&A article. Thanks to those who participated.

Question 1: @SAF4SAFF: @footballman58 who will miss the playoffs because one NFC South team MUST be in the playoff.

This is a great question, as the NFC South is looking awfully bad. The Saints are starting to get hot, despite a loss to the 49ers. It is quite possible that the 4-5 Saints could have a respectable record come playoff time. The team sitting on the outside looking in is either Seattle or San Francisco. The Cardinals will likely be the division champion even without Carson Palmer. The Seahawks and 49ers play each other twice. The winner of those games will decide a lot. The wild card slots right now would go to Dallas and Seattle. It seems doubtful that the NFC West would get 3 teams in. The Packers or Lions also could fall into this group of good teams that could miss postseason play. It is way to early for this prognostication but thats the best I got.

Question 2: @RealBobManning: Who are your award favorites at this point @footballman58

For me, the coach of the year is Mike Pettine. Pettine has changed the culture in Cleveland. They are no longer the laughable Browns but a division leader 10 weeks into the season. Pettine handled the Manziel madness perfectly and did not let public opinion sway his decision to start Brian Hoyer. Its getting harder and harder not to give Pettine and the Browns some credit.

At MVP it has to be Peyton Manning. Manning is the definition of most valuable player; he is the one player that makes Denver favorites in the AFC. The Broncos are a sensational team but it is Peyton Manning that makes everything go in Mile High.

I want to give the offensive player of the year award to DeMarco Murray. He may not be what Peyton Manning is but he should still get some credit for stellar performance. The defensive player of the year is Justin Houston. Houston leads the NFL in sacks and is a critical piece to the Chiefs defense.

There is no doubt in my mind that CJ Mosley is the rookie of the year. Mosley has played sensationally, making an impact on both run and pass defense. The offensive rookie of the year should go to Sammy Watkins, who is a budding star in Buffalo. Give me Steve Smith as my comeback player of the year. Smith was cut by the Panthers and as a Raven he made them pay.

Question 3:
@Tracy_Cole65: @footballman58 Why did we struggle against Bengals & Steelers when both teams got whooped by teams that statistically should of lost

The Ravens shot themselves in the foot in both of these games. In Pittsburgh the Taliaferro fumble changed everything. When Joe added in the interception, the game began to get away from them. The Bengals are a really bad match up for us. They took away our strengths and Joe forced passes. The Ravens secondary has shown to be problematic in these two losses as well.

In the NFL there are two never ending truths. First anything can happen in a game. The second is that match ups are more important than merit sometimes. The Jets are not a better team then Pittsburgh. The Steelers struggle on the road and the Jets had a great game plan. The Browns are a tough team, so its hard to fault the Bengals too much for their failings. It really just felt like a bad night for them.

@troy_wilmore: @footballman58 How do you see us playing with the remaining games after the bye?

Troy, I am cautiously optimistic that the Ravens can make the playoffs. The Ravens have nothing but winnable games on their schedule. The trip to the Superdome seems to be the tallest test of the last 6 games. The Ravens do not have consecutive road games on their schedule. If the ravens can win just 4 of the 6 games, they at least give themselves a chance to make the postseason.

I think we’ll see the Ravens best efforts. Obviously, problems won’t just vanish into thin air. The Ravens will regroup and will figure some things out. I think the Ravens will at the minimum make us proud of their effort.

@troy_wilmore: @footballman58 We’ve seen through Joe’s career that he can be up & down,you think he’ll ever improve that? Ik it’s not his fault, there’s other factors but will he be more consistent?

Every quarterback has good days and bad days. Joe Flacco is subject to this as much as anyone, but when he is out of rhythm it can get ugly. Flacco however is actually pretty consistent in the fact that he rarely has bad back to back games. The two division losses were bad performances and thats why this is such an in your mind question. Joe is who Joe is. He’ll have great days, good days, bad days and everything in between. I think Gary Kubiak is trying to get him to start out hot more consistently. We’ll see what happens.

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