Are The Ravens There Yet?

Chris Schisler

From 2008-2012 the Baltimore Ravens experienced at least 1 playoff win. In that amazing 5 year stretch the Ravens won a Super Bowl. Baltimore had knocked on the Super Bowl door 3 times being in the AFC Championship game. In 2013 the Ravens finally showed their mortality and missed the postseason.

The Ravens addressed this disappointment by making a bevy of changes, including the hire of Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator. The Ravens are accustomed to winning big games. Heading into the big showdown with the Steelers, the question is are the Ravens once again a power in the AFC?

4 of the Ravens 5 wins have been by 20 points or more. 3 of those teams however are Carolina, Tampa Bay and Atlanta 3 not so great teams. The other large margin win came against the rival Baltimore plays this coming Sunday. The Pittsburgh Steelers, however are not as hapless as they appeared in week 2. Both the Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers are 5-3, making this the biggest game of the Ravens season thus far.

The Ravens 3 losses have come to the Bengals and Colts, or in other words the only tough opponents on their schedule. The Ravens need to prove they can win the big games; make no doubt about it Sunday night is a show me moment. If the Ravens are the powers they once were they will beat Pittsburgh.

The Baltimore Ravens are clearly better than they were a year ago. From a talent perspective it is hard to remember a Ravens team that was more complete. The time has come however for the Ravens to put up or shut up. Against the red hot Steelers, the Ravens must show that they are once again a team to be feared. Baltimore must prove that this Ravens team can win the big games.

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