5 Takeaways From Redskins @ Cowboys

Chris Schisler

The Washington Redskins just defeated the Dallas Cowboys 20-17 in overtime. It was a dramatic evening, here are 5 takeaways from the game.

1.) Colt McCoy Played Shockingly Well:
It may have not been pretty at times but Colt McCoy impressed the football world tonight. McCoy’s glory is to be short lived with RG3 returning soon. That being said this game may have revitalized his career. The pass he made on the run to Jordan Reed in overtime was truly incredible. This is a moment he should be proud of.

2.) The Cowboys Acted Like The Cowboys:
The Dallas Cowboys were off to an impressive 6-1 start. They were the toast of the NFC and the surprise of the league. The biggest reason behind the Cowboys success was they did not hurt themselves. They took care of the football and came up with clutch plays. Tonight, the Cowboys finally acted like their old self. The Cowboys had two costly fumbles. Tony Romo got away with a fumble on the Cowboys last drive in regulation. The Cowboys who have been dominant in time of possession this season had the football for 10 less minutes than the Redskins.

3.) Jerry Jones Meddling Hurt The Cowboys

Brandon Weeden was playing decently while relieving the injured Romo. Romo came out of the locker room, fighting to get back on the field. Jerry Jones of course was on the sidelines and the team doctor knew what Jones wanted to hear. The player will always want to be back in the game. It should be the coach’s decision but your naive if you think Jason Garrett made the call to put Romo back in. Sticking with Weeden was the right move. Tony Romo was clearly not 100% and had suffered a pretty big scare in his injury timeout. The veteran QB took a knee to the back he had surgery on in the offseason, he looked like he was in major pain tonight. The best football decision would have been to keep Romo on the sideline. It was a decision that was never going to happen with the owner meddling on the sideline.

4.) Redskins Secondary Impressed:

The Skins secondary has been inconsistent this season but it played wonderfully tonight. Rookie cornerback, Bashaud Breeland, put on a show tonight. Brandon Merriwether forced a huge fumble and played sharp tonight. The Redskins secondary was put under a ton of pressure to preform because of the heavy blitzing Jim Haslett called. The Washington secondary was something I had little confidence in but tonight they were great.

5.) Cowboys Offensive Line Overrated
Much of the praise from the Cowboys strong start has gone to the offensive line. This is deserved when thinking about how their running game is helping them this season. This being said, they have problems in pass protection. The Cowboys seemed totally confused up front and gave up 5 sacks. If the Cowboys want to be true contenders they have to consistently protect Tony Romo.

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