2015 NFL Draft: Top Quarterbacks

Chris Schisler

Assuming the Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, and Brett Hundley declare for the draft, they headline the event. Some will try to sell you others like Clint Trickett or Connor Cooks, but its all about the big 3. Here is my first evaluation of these 3 quarterbacks.
1.) Jameis Winston

Good Arm Talent
Clutch, winner
Dual threat, instinctive runner
Extends Plays, wants to throw first
Hard to bring down
Teammates love him

Needs quicker release
Inconsistent footwork
Throws too many interceptions
Takes too many sacks
Extending plays often hurts his team
He acts like a clown, gets in trouble
Does not seem to be the brightest
Overview: Winston has the talent to play in the NFL. He will however be a bit of a project. His advocates say he reminds them of Roethlisberger. His critics would say its not worth the trouble. This quarterback, more than any, needs the right situation.

2.) Marcus Mariota
Takes care of the ball
Rolls out of pocket, extends plays
Quick and elusive, hard to sack
Puts great zip on the football
Footwork and throwing mechanics
Needs to read defenses better
Relies on feet too much
Overview: Mariota should be a bit of a puzzle. He has every desirable attribute but the question is will his game translate to the NFL? He comes from a spread offense with a lot of dink, dunks and screen passes, and has superior talent around him.

3.) Brett Hundley
Dual Threat
Big and tough
Good deep ball
Throws so receiver can keep running
Great leader, very poised
Big hands
Injury prone
Needs to work on touch on passes
Footwork can be sloppy
Needs to read defense better
Overview: Hundley reminds me of Steve McNair. I see him as a future star but there is a lot of growth his game needs.

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