NFL Award Watch: Week 8

Chris Schisler

Week 8 is upon us, the midway point of the season. Here are my picks for the NFL awards, if the season ended today.

MVP: Peyton Manning; DeMarco Murray
Thats right I went Co-MVPs on you. Manning and Steve McNair shared the award in 2003 so its not unheard of. My definition of MVP is a player that is 100% essential to the success of a playoff bound team. Peyton Manning runs the show in Denver. With Peyton Manning leading the way, the Broncos are the team to beat. DeMarco Murray is having an incredible season, on pace for over 2,000 rushing yards. He is a huge reason why the Cowboys have been this year’s big surprise.

Defensive Player of the Year: JJ Watt
Watt is an unstoppable force. I have never seen a defensive lineman who can do all the things he can do. He makes the Ryan Fitzpatrick quarterbacked Texans watchable.

Defensive Rookie Of the Year: CJ Mosley
Mosley is an impressive linebacker. He plays fast and has made a huge impact in his rookie year. He tackles like a veteran.

Offensive Rookie Of the Year: Blake Bortles

It may not show in the Jaguars record but Blake Bortles is impressing in his rookie year. Bortles needs to take better care of the football but his talent clearly carried over to the NFL.

Coach of the Year: John Harbaugh
I have written extensively about the Ravens adversity. Its amazing what John Harbaugh has done with the 5-2 Ravens.

Comeback Player: Steve Smith Sr.
After being cut by the Panthers, Steve Smith has put up big time numbers with the Ravens. He even schooled hid old team.

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