Why Ravens 5-2 Record Is Incredible

Chris Schisler

The Ravens are off to a 5-2 start despite facing mountains of off-the- field drama and injuries. The Ravens suffered a devastating loss to Cincinnati in the season opener. When the Ray Rice video came out soon after, the Ravens were at the center of the public’s wrath. They started the season without Ladarius Webb in their secondary; by week 3 Dennis Pitta was lost for the year. Long story short, the Ravens have gone through more adversity in 7 weeks than most teams endure in an entire season. Despite this, Baltimore is 5-2.

After the opening loss to the Bengals, the Ray Rice video was released by TMZ. The world was appalled by the contents of the video. This led many to call for the firing of not only Roger Goodell, but Ravens officials, Ozzie Newsome and Dick Cass. The Ravens were surrounded by a dark cloud.

The football field ended up being the safe haven for this galvanized Ravens team. The Ravens had no time to get stuck in the Rice drama as they played the Steelers that Thursday. The narrative was of a distracted Ravens team that would get pummeled by the Steelers. It may have been what the angry nation wanted, but Baltimore prevailed 26-6.

The haters however would be given plenty more ammunition against the Ravens. An ESPN Outside The Lines Report, outlined an alleged cover up by the Baltimore Ravens in cahoots with Commissioner Goodell. It seemed that Baltimore would always carry this whole mess as a scar; the media was in no rush to pull out the knife. The Ravens released a statement that essentially said the ESPN report was full of lies.

The Ravens once again focused on football; the media seemed to forget that was their line of work. The Ravens pulled off an incredible last second victory, in Cleveland’s revived “Dog Pound.” The Cleveland win came at a price as an injury sidelined Dennis Pitta for the rest of the season. It was however the first glimpse of 2014 football for cornerback, Ladarius Webb.

Once returned to Baltimore, the Ravens released their side of the Ray Rice story. The nation was now presented with two drastically different arguments. The ESPN piece buried the Ravens, people liked that and of course, this is the side the masses would believe. Its not like ESPN has ever been wrong or sensationalized a story…

As the drama cooled injuries presented huge problems for the Ravens upfront. Needing knee surgery, Eugene Monroe would miss the next 4 games. The Ravens went 3-1 with James Hurst at left tackle. In week 5, Kelechi Osemele was injured. The guard would return in the loss to the Colts but would miss the next game. Last year, offensive line injuries crippled this team. This season the team just keeps rolling.

The facts tell an incredible story. The Ravens have not allowed more than 23 points in a game this season. The Ravens have given up the fewest points in the league; while only 3 other teams have scored more points. They have a top 10 rushing attack and a great quarterback who is having a career year. After a nightmare beginning, after being written off, the Ravens sit in first place of the AFC North. This Ravens team has arguably more talent than any other Ravens team has ever had. After blazing through Hell and back, the Ravens have shown the world, they’re Super Bowl contenders.


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