NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

Here is another edition of the NFL power rankings, courtesy of John Langley. Embrace the debate folks! That’s what these seemingly meaningless rankings are all about.

1. Denver Broncos- Peyton Manning set the record, but I’m sure you heard this by now. The Broncos are a fine-oiled machine on offense, with an improved defense. They’re the team to beat right now.

2. Dallas Cowboys- Wel well well, look what we have here. The Cowboys are impressive, to say the least. They run the ball, play defense and flat out win. They may have pieced it together, finally.

3. Indianapolis Colts- The defense seems improved, and they have Andrew Luck and an explosive offense. The Colts continue to get better.

4. Philadelphia Eagles- What weapons doesn’t this team have? Sproles, McCoy, Maclin, Cooper, Ertz, the list goes on. Not sold on the defense, but they’re winning.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Darnell Dockett makes his presence known even when not on the field. The whiteboard to the Raider fans was hilarious, but what isn’t funny is this team. They’re not a joke anymore.

6. Baltimore Ravens- A pass rush from a Dean Pees defense? Is the apocalypse happening before our very eyes? No, this team is just getting started after yet another convincing win.

7. Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson. Get used to hearing that because they’re not done yet, and are right on pace to have a good season.

8. San Diego Chargers- Tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, but this isn’t a perfect team. Injuries have been a problem, but they should be fine.

9. Detroit Lions- Teryl Austin has suddenly turned a maligned defense into a top-5 unit. Impressive. The Lions keep winning.

10. New England Patriots- The Jets gave the Pats all they could handle. I remember the days that the Pats were a feared team. Not anymore. Still good, but not overwhelming.

11. Seattle Seahawks- Suddenly, the vaunted Seahawks are a beatable team. Still, the talent is there and they will make a run again.

12. Cincinnati Bengals- After a hot start to the season, the Bengals find themselves behind the Ravens for the division lead. It’s early, but the Bengals have to get it going soon. That tough defense isn’t looking so tough right now.

13. San Francisco 49ers- The Niners are a talented team, but again can’t piece it all together. They’ll be hanging around until the end, though.

14. Kansas City Chiefs- This ranking is just about right. Not that good of a team, but not a bad one either. Middle of the road.

15. Buffalo Bills- It took a late touchdown pass from Kyle Orton to Sammy Watkins to beat the vaunted Minnesota Vikings. Yes, vaunted like a kitten. Buffalo lost its two top running backs in this game, making it tough down the road for the Bills.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers- Aside from three minutes in their game against Houston, Pittsburgh looked average at best, so that is where they are ranked: in the middle. The defense isn’t very good, Roethlisberger is getting killed and aside from him, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, the offense lacks playmakers.

17. Miami Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill has been terrific as of late, but the Dolphins have the stench of a team with inconsistency. An 8-8 year seems destined.

18. Carolina Panthers- After seizing momentum after two thrashings, the Panthers were demolished by the Packers. The concern is still there, but this team has some promise.

19. Chicago Bears- Barely any defense, inconsistent play from Jay Cutler and you have a recipe for disaster. The Bears are better than this, but they aren’t showing signs of life anytime soon.

20. New York Giants- If Eli Manning can get on track, this is a better team than people think, but until the team puts it all together, they will fail in mediocrity all season.

21. Cleveland Browns- Just when the Browns were getting some positive attention, they go and pull the ultimate Browns move, getting blown out in Jacksonville. What a mess!

22. Houston Texans- Ryan Fitzpatrick and the offense are the only thing that stood in the way of the Texans winning Monday night. That was the ultimate display of incompetency on the football field.

23. New Orleans Saints- This defense is terrible. There is no other way around it. They can’t stop a nosebleed and the offense just isn’t the same as years past. Time to turn the page on this team.

24. St. Louis Rams- Did anyone think the Rams could pull the upset Sunday? Nope, didn’t think so. But they did, finally edging out a game.

25. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan better sit in an ice tub this week after the pounding he took Sunday. The line is a mess, but the defense looked better Sunday. The Falcons looked hapless Sunday, and the road trip continues moving forward.

26. Washington Redskins- So, Kurt Cousins wasn’t the answer (shocker). So, now it’s Colt McCoy? Standby as I laugh myself to death.

27. Minnesota Vikings- Teddy Bridgewater is struggling at times, but he has the skill set to win games. The Vikings just aren’t a good team, so his time will have to wait.

28. New York Jets- they’re 1-6, but this team has the talent to be better. Still, there is something off about this team. Maybe Percy Harvin makes them better, but I doubt it.

29. Tennessee Titans- Charlie Whitehurst is your quarterback, folks. That says it all, and needs no further explanation.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- So much talent, yet this team just sucks. Josh McCown was never the answer, but Mike Glennon may not be either.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars- They finally got a win! That keeps them from the bottom spot, but that’s about it.

32. Oakland Raiders- Yeah, not much to say here, besides the fact that this team stinks but has some hope in Derek Carr.

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