Joe Flacco Trumps Matt Ryan…Get Over It

Chris Schisler

Much of the conversation going into Baltimore’s Sunday’s showdown with Atlanta is about the quarterbacks. Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan will always be compared to each other because they ended up being the cream of the 2008 draft crop. Matt Ryan gets more hype and more attention. Joe Flacco wins playoff games and breaks NFL records. I tend to stay away from the who is better conversation because I hate stating the obvious. This rant of the week though will not hold back.

Joe Flacco is unequivocally the better quarterback. In the NFL, quarterbacks are measured by their success in the playoffs. Quarterbacks have the most important job and they are therefore expected to perform when it matters most. Joe Flacco has done just that. Matt Ryan has not.

Joe Flacco has a Super Bowl championship. He has won more road playoff games than any quarterback in NFL history. This generation’s “Joe Cool” has won as many playoff games as the great Peyton Manning has. This is amazing because Flacco did it in 5 years, Manning in 15 years. Matt Ryan is 1-4 in the playoffs during the same time span.

Now this is when the Matt Ryan fan screams but Atlanta did not have the same great teams; the Ravens had a great defense. This is when I profess how stupid of an argument this is. In 2012 the Ravens won because of Joe’s arm. Remember 34 points in the Super Bowl was nearly not enough. The Ravens defense was much better than Falcons during the 5 years in question, but it was not great in the Super Bowl season.

Matt Ryan has less excuses than Joe Flacco, if you really think about it. Ryan had Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzales. Joe Flacco shuffled through an old Derrick Mason, a washed up TJ Housmanzadeh and a good but past his prime Anquan Boldin. Matt Ryan is a good offensive coaches around him his entire career. Joe Flacco saw his offensive coordinator fired in the Super Bowl year. Matt Ryan’s stats should look a little better, I coukd throw a couple touchdowns with that supporting cast.

This year both Ryan and Flacco have 12 touchdowns but Ryan has 7 picks. Flacco has been intercepted only 3 times. Ryan has 254 more passing yards but Flacco has the higher passer rating. It should be noted that the Ravens have a top 10 running game; in most games Joe passes less. In the most important statistic, Joe’s Ravens are 4-2 while Matt’s Falcons are 2-4.

It’s really not a complicated debate. Joe Flacco owns or shares 17 NFL records. Matt Ryan shares two records with Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl MVP, while Matt Ryan has not been to a Super Bowl at all. Joe Flacco’s accomplishments far outshine Matt Ryan’s. It is really that simple.


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