NFL Picks Week 7

Chris Schisler

My NFL picks record is 56-33-1 this season.

Jets @ Patriots
Pick: Patriots
Reason: Tom Brady has caught fire, Geno Smith has caught people laughing at him. The Patriots are tough team to beat at home and their defense creates turnovers on good days. Facing Geno Smith should amount to a good day.

Vikings @ Bills
Pick: Bills
Reason: The bills are at home and angry after losing to New England. The Bills offense has a lot of talent. If Orton plays decently, the Bills will please their home crowd. Expect the Bills to make the Vikings one dimensional and really get after Bridgewater.

Falcons @ Ravens
Pick: Ravens
1.) Ravens are home.
2.) The Falcons can’t stop the run
3.) The Ravens should be able to get after Matt Ryan.

Browns @ Jaguars
Pick: Browns
Reason: The Browns are feeling it. Hoyer is giving a solid performance the running game is very good and the defense is almost dominant.

Panthers @ Packers
Pick: Packers
Reason: I think the Packers can score on the Panthers defense. The Panthers are inconsistent and their secondary isn’t all that great. Aaron Rodgers is very great.

Dolphins @ Bears
Pick: Bears
Reason: The Bears offense is hard to stop when Jay Cutler takes care of the football. With the best receiving corps in football and a balanced offense Chicago will put up points against the Dolphins.

Bengals @ Colts
Pick: Colts
Reason: The Colts defense is tougher than people give them credit. I think Indianapolis shuts down Andy Dalton without AJ Green. Andrew Luck will have a big time performance. The Bengals seem to be getting worse, the Colts seem to be getting better.

Saints @ Lions
Pick: Lions
Reason: it’s hard to trust the Saints on the road,especially the season. The Lions are playing really good football and Matthew Stafford has grown as a decision maker.

Seahawks @ Rams
Pick: Seahawks
Reason: if you thought the Rams had trouble with the 49ers defensive front just wait till they see the Seahawks. Seattle will be angry after a loss to Dallas.

Titans @ Redskins
Pick: Redskins
Reason: The Redskins are inconsistent on offense but they have a lot of talent all over the team. The pass rush should rule this game against the Titans.

Chiefs @ Chargers
Pick: Chargers
Reason: I think San Diego will make Alex Smith throw the ball a lot by stopping the run game. Smith will be ready for a shootout, but Rivers has him out gunned.

Giants @ Cowboys
Pick: Cowboys
Reason: Dallas will dominate with her rushing attack and will get after Eli Manning on defense. This one could get ugly.

Cardinals @ Raiders
Pick: Cardinals
Reason: The Cardinals defense will smother Derek Carr & the Oakland Raiders.

49ers @ Broncos
Pick: Broncos
Reason: San Francisco is a really good team and so is Denver. I think Denver can stop for 49ers running game, and a unbalanced 49ers team struggles. It will be a good game but give me the better quarterback; Peyton Manning will be the difference.

Texans @ Steelers
Pick : Texans
Reason: The front seven of Houston will dominate this game. The Steelers defense can’t stop the run, Arian Foster will also have a good day.


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