NFL Power Rankings: week 7

While the segment is new to common sense football, we would like to introduce power rankings into the site. Here is the first batch, courtesy of John Langley:

1. Denver Broncos

-Until they get knocked down by someone besides Seattle, they will sit at the top of the rankings.

2. Dallas Cowboys

-Who knew the key to success would be a steady dose of Demarco Murray? That’s right, everyone did. Dallas figured that out, and it is paying huge dividends. That defense has helped quite a bit as well.

3. San Diego Chargers

-We all knew the Chargers had talent, but this start couldn’t have been imagined by many. 5-1 already? They won’t have to kick it into gear the waning weeks of the season this time.

4. Arizona Cardinals

-If you had told me Arizona would be 4-1, with two of those wins coming with Drew Stanton as quarterback, I would have called you crazy. That has happened, and this is a tough team.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

-That defense has played better than expected, but will it rear its ugly head at some point? We will know soon enough.

6. Seattle Seahawks

-The offense hasn’t been unstoppable, and the defense has been exploited at times. Still an extremely tough team, but the Seahawks appear more beatable this year.

7. Indianapolis Colts

-Better defense and Andrew Luck. That is all the Colts needed, and they have it right now.

8. San Francisco 49ers

-A team with flaws, but plenty of talent to get the job done. They’ll be hanging around.

9. Baltimore Ravens

-This team is better than people think it is, and they may soon find out. However, a tough stretch of games coming up will be their chance to prove it.

10. Green Bay Packers

-Still not sold on the defense, but they’ve played better lately. Aaron Rodgers can’t carry them forever, so they’ll need it.

11. Cincinnati Bengals

-Where have the Bengals from the first three games gone? They play to a tie with Carolina after getting torched by New England.

12. New England Patriots

-Call me crazy, but I’m not sold yet. This is a very flawed team, but they may be hitting their stride. Time will tell.

13. Detroit Lions

-Talented team, as always, but the flaws remain. Can they keep up their start, or will the implosion happen?

14. Cleveland Browns

-This team is better than the stigma. Fans still claim the Browns as an “easy game.” Not true anymore. This team will push you down and take your lunch money.

15. Carolina Panthers

-Carolina has played better the last couple of weeks after getting blown out by Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Cam Newton looks more comfortable, and orchestrated two crucial drives down the stretch against Cincinnati.

16. Chicago Bears

-I’d be more apt to place them higher if I trusted their defense. I don’t, and the offense can’t carry the torch forever.

17. Kansas City Chiefs

-Another talented team that plays tough with opponents. Unfortunately, in a division with Denver and San Diego, the prospects don’t look good.

18. New Orleans Saints

-There is no excuse for this team to be 2-3. With Drew Brees and the weapons the possess, it is mind-boggling. But that’s what happens when your defense is softer than Charmin.

19. New York Giants

-Aside from the disaster on Sunday night, the Giants have played better. If they get cooking again, they could play a factor.

20. Buffalo Bills

-Sorry Buffalo, Kyle Orton is not your answer, The only worse news is, neither is EJ Manuel. So where do they go from here?

21. Houston Texans

-The Texans got off to a hot start at 3-1, but have fallen back down to earth. Ryan Fitzpatrick is their quarterback, which says it all. Tell me again why they passed on Derek Carr?

22. Miami Dolphins

-Ryan Tannehill is better than given credit for, but this is a talented team filled with gaping holes.

23. Atlanta Falcons

-For all the talent residing on this team, how is it they still fail to win games? Mike Smith’s seat is getting hotter each game.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

-This is a 6-win team that is constantly carried by their quarterback. When does the luck run out? It looks like this season.

25. Tennessee Titans

-Another team with talent that seemingly can’t get it all together. Jake Locker is always injured and when he plays, you never know what you’ll get.

26. Minnesota Vikings

-Teddy Bridgewater is learning the ropes as a quarterback. This isn’t college anymore, but he is talented.

27. St. Louis Rams

-This team plays hard and consistently competes. If they had a quarterback right now capable of winning games, they may have pulled a couple off.

28. New York Jets

-This just isn’t that good of a team. there is talent there, but the holes are huge. Where there isn’t talent, it is really bad.

29. Washington Redskins

-What more is there to say? They’re 1-5, and with good reason.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

– Thrashed by the Ravens after gaining some confidence the past few weeks, that is seemingly gone for Lovie Smith’s team.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

-Blake Bortles has played better than expected, and the Jaguars seem to be battling tough every game.

32. Oakland Raiders

-Two games this season where they could have had a major upset against San Diego and New England, but fell short in the end. Even at 0-5, the Raiders found their guy in Derek Carr.

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