Rant of The Week: Be Happy

Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens went to Tampa Bay and shellacked the Bucs 48-17. Joe Flacco threw 5 touchdown passes. The Ravens are now 4-2; the Buccaneers are 1-5. Tampa may not be a great team, but the Ravens made a resounding statement.

The Ravens struggles in road games have been well documented. In the Harbaugh era, the Ravens have lost road games they should have won. Remember Monday Night Football against the lowly Jaguars? Remember losing to Seattle (before they were good) and making Tavares Jackson look like Tom Brady? Remember in 2011 losing in Tennessee a week after beating Pittsburgh 35-7? The Ravens went on the road and dominated this week. That is something to be pumped up for, Ravens fans.

The defense was fantastic, especially in the first half. The Ravens got relentless pressure. Jimmy Smith had a huge interception, that the offense turned into 7 points. The Ravens got off to a 35-0 lead. That is almost unheard of in the NFL. The Buccaneers have 3 dangerous 6’5″ targets in the passing game. Their offensive line really is not bad. This is a team that won in Pittsburgh and barely lost in New Orleans…they have played some goof football.

The left side of the offensive line was depleted. James Hurst once again filled in for Eugene Monroe. John Urschel got his first ever start at left guard. This was concerning to say the least. Tampa Bay has great defensive linemen including the dangerous Gerald McCoy and Michael Johnson. The offensive line, which was a disaster against the Colts (with Osemele at Guard), was dominant. Flacco had all day to throw and the offensive line made huge allies in the running game.

Joe Flacco was sensational. The whole team played inspired football. There is plenty to be excited about in Baltimore. 3 of the 4 Ravens victories have come in dominant fashion. Don’t worry about who they beat, be proud of how they did it.

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