Cowboys Proving Me Wrong

Chris Schisler

Not in a million years would I have thought the Cowboys would be 5-1 and coming off a win in Seattle. I thought that with a joke of a defense, and a pass happy Jason Garrett and Tony Romo they would struggle mightily. I was so confident that the Cowboys would be a train wreck, I predicted them to go 6-10. Dallas, I was wrong. The Cowboys look like a brand new team.

The Cowboys became the power that they are with a brand new philosophy. They set the tone with their ground attack and they stick with it. Asking less of Romo, they’re getting more than ever from him. The polarizing quarterback is making good decisions.

The offensive line, which they have spent three 1st round draft picks on, has been the stabilizing influence. The defense has been much better than anyone expected.

Beating the Seahawks was a show-me game for the Cowboys. The Cowboys really took it to the Seahawks. The impressive thing is a team that is so often a directionless mess, has figured out exactly who they are. The Cowboys are a physical team who can grind out a victory against anybody.

Here at Common Sense Football, we admit when we are wrong. I was mistaken about the Dallas Cowboys.

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