Breaking Down Ravens Week 5 Breakdowns

Chris Schisler

The frustrating part of the Ravens loss was that the offensive line got pummeled. There really was nothing complicated about it. The Colts did not send exotic blitzes or for that matter all that much pressure. They won the match ups upfront and that’s all they needed. It’s really discouraging when you look at the tape if you realize there’s nothing to change except for the execution. The Colts defensive line simply got a better push off the ball. They won the leverage battle. They really did everything better. Joe Flacco sacks were a result of offensive linemen not getting the job done.


In the above picture you can see exactly what I mean. Justin for set fails to pick up the free rusher. The rusher was free because he barely got scraped by the guard. On the opposite side Hurst gets beat. Flacco rolls out only to be pummeled. Notice that Wagner and Osemele are just sitting there, just sitting there doing nothing, looking for someone to block. I would like to credit the Colts with some genius plan for confusing the Ravens line but that’s just not what happened.


This sack drives me crazy. The outside man crashes inside and becomes the guards responsibility. The tackle blocks the new outside man. The guard (Osemele) plays this poorly. He allows the Colts defender to get inside of him with his outside arm free. At this point KO is just an annoying fly that won’t go away; with no balance he is harmless to the defender.

Joe Flacco took 4 sacks. The Ravens offensive line was kept guessing without any exotic looks or blitzes. There were several occasions of uncovered linemen doing nothing at all as their neighbors got beat badly. The offensive line performance could be called tentative, featuring bad technique. In summation I wish I had a more complicated answer for you. I wish the answer wasn’t that we simply got our butts kicked. We simply got our butts kicked.

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