4 Downs With Chris Week 5

Chris Schisler

First Down: Too Quick To Count Out & To Quick To Crown
We live in the most overreacting, group-thinking and frustratingly judgmental sports world. Everyone said the Patriots were awful. It was a groupthink bombardment of the New England team. Reporters were even asking if Brady was done. The Patriots loss to the Chiefs was so horrible that we declared them dead on the spot. The Patriots just demolished a Bengals team that people practically were anointing champions already. Its what have you done for me lately to an extreme, when a team that has had more success than anyone since 2001, does not receive any benefit of the doubt.
The great Bill Parcells famously said that you are what your record says you are. With no apparent world beater, and many teams clumped with similar records, what does your team’s record really say right now? Remember that even the great 1985 Bears lost 1 game. I’m not saying the Patriots are a great team, or even that they’re all that good. My point is that we cannot overreact to one game, no matter the result. We are at a point in the season where anything can happen.

2nd Down: Embrace the Madness:
This was the week of madness in College Football. Arizona took down No. 2 ranked Oregon. Alabama lost to Ole Miss. Oklahoma lost to TCU. The insane. UCLA lost to Utah. Every time we think we know who will be in the 4 team playoff, somebody loses and changes the picture. There is no need for weekly predictions of the playoffs because nobody knows what to expect.

3rd Down: We May Actually get a good TNF Game:
The Colts and the Texans play on Thursday night. We might have a treat as great offense meets great defense. JJ Watt is having an incredible season, Andrew Luck is on fire and this game has potential to be fun.

4th Down:
The Ravens have found Ray Lewis 2.0. CJ Mosley is having a Pro Bowl type season in his rookie year. He plays fast and without doubt. He makes plays all over the field and he hits like he means it. The Ravens clearly found a steal at pick 17. I had him ranked 7th overall and his play supports my rank.


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